Potential Carmelo Anthony Teams for the 2019-20 NBA Season

Potential Carmelo Anthony Teams

Ever since he was released by the Houston Rockets in late 2018, Carmelo Anthony has been blacklisted by the league. For one reason or another, teams don’t want to take a chance on him. This may be because of his lack of defensive presence, or the need to take more than a veteran’s minimum contract. With change and compromise, things could be different for this upcoming season.

Potential Carmelo Anthony Teams

Oklahoma City Thunder

Although his first tenure with the Oklahoma City Thunder didn’t go so well. Carmelo Anthony could be a fine contributor to this rebuilding team. These Thunder are a completely different team from the one he played on two years ago. The two main pieces Anthony played with, Russell Westbrook and Paul George are both on different teams. Another thing to keep in mind is that one of Anthony’s best friends, Chris Paul is on this team. If the Thunder decides to keep Paul, this could be an interesting roster come the start of the season. Their main scorer is Danilo Gallinari, who will need help on nights he isn’t shooting well. Paul is a great player but he is very injury prone. Anthony could be that added veteran presence this team needs.

Washington Wizards  

This is a franchise that was very dysfunctional last season and it’s unclear where they are going. John Wall will miss the majority of the season, if not the entire season, and the team’s main scorer on the roster is Bradley Beal. There are hopes that Rui Hachimura can be a key piece to their success, however, Troy Brown Jr. is definitely a piece they can upgrade and Anthony could slide right into that starting small forward slot. Besides Beal, everyone on the Washington Wizards projected starting roster averaged ten points or less last year in the NBA. The Wizards are in a rebuild, that doesn’t mean however they couldn’t take a shot on Anthony who could help them right away.

Miami Heat

With their new star Jimmy Butler ready to make his team debut in the fall, the Miami Heat look ready to compete for a high seed in the East. Anthony may not be able to slide into the starting lineup, but he may have a role off the bench. The Heat’s two forwards coming off the bench are Derrick Jones Jr. and James Johnson. Anthony could not only take one of those bench roles but become the sixth man off the bench for this team. Anthony’s presence on the court would help take offensive pressure off the other starters and help give the Heat more depth.

Orlando Magic 

The Orlando Magic are in a situation where they have tons of young talent but aren’t competitive enough to compete for a championship. Anthony stated in a recent interview with Stephen A. Smith that he wants to be in a mentor role. Players around the league have already been soliciting for his help. Anthony could be the perfect veteran to help grow these young players in Orlando. Jonathan Isaac was the Magic’s first-round pick in 2017. He’s shown bright spots in his play but hasn’t taken that next step. Anthony could be the perfect veteran to come off the bench for the Magic and help some of these younger players grow like Issac and Markelle Fultz. Fultz was the topic of much debate two years ago after losing his shot. Anthony could be the perfect player to help improve that. If willing to come off the bench, like the Heat, Anthony could give the Magic better depth in their rotation. It’s completely realistic that Anthony would beat out Al-Farouq Aminu and Wesley Iwundu for a rotation spot.

Anthony is one of the best players to ever play the game of basketball. Even with all the inconsistency of his play the last two seasons, he’s still averaging 24 points for his career. Regardless of what’s happened in the past, he is great for the game of basketball and deserves another shot on a roster.

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