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The Last Word NBA Podcast – Episode 3

NBA Podcast

This week on The Last Word NBA Podcast, Jordan, Michael, and producer Ben (Filling in for Stacey) discuss various topics in the basketball world.

The Last Word NBA Podcast – Episode 3

First, the guys discuss the madness of March, specifically the Duke Blue Devils falling to the Michigan State Spartans.

The guys also talk about the injury to Jusif Nurkic and how it could affect the Portland Trailblazers’ season.

With the recent jersey retirements, the guys take a look at their favorite moments of Chris Bosh and Manu Ginobili.

With a tight race in the Eastern Conference, the guys also debate on who will take the sixth, seventh, and eigth seed in the playoffs, as well as the battle for the fourth seed and home court advantage between the Boston Celtics and the Indiana Pacers.

Ben introduces the new weekly segment, “Hot takes of the week.”

After comments made by Stephen A. Smith, the guys discuss what Devin Booker should do this off-season.

The Los Angeles Lakers shut down their superstar, LeBron James, for the remainder of the season. Jordan, Michael, and Ben debate whether it was the right move to make.

With Giannis Antetokounmpo and James Harden both having outstanding years, the guys discuss who should be crowned the 2018-19 NBA MVP.

Articles talked about:

The Race in the East:…d-whos-out/

Devin Booker:…t-big-star/

LeBron James Shut Down:…the-lakers/

We give a special shout out to Eshan Bhatt (@KingNugg_) for designing a new logo for the podcast!

We also give a shout out to Ben for filling in for Stacey as he celebrates his birthday in Los Angeles. Happy birthday Stacey!

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