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Gordon Hayward Suffers Horrific Injury for First Game for Boston Celtics

Less than six minutes into his career as a player for the Boston Celtics, Gordon Hayward suffered a horrific ankle injury. The Celtics led 12-9 in the first quarter of the first game of the season. Gordon signed for a near max-contract in the off-season from the Utah Jazz.

Gordon Hayward Suffers Horrific Injury for First Game for Boston Celtics

The Celtics hoped that Hayward was going to be a force with Al Horford and Kyrie Irving. The injury was so devastating to the other players that both LeBron James and Isaiah Thomas went see Hayward after the first quarter.

Hayward has signed four-year $128 million contract with the Celtics in July. Hayward was injured when he attempted to receive a pass from Irving. Hayward landed on his left foot which twisted in a gruesome manner.

Players reacted immediately. Players huddled, kneeled or bowed their heads as a result of the injury. The crowd at Quicken Loans Arena were silent. Hayward had great expectations with the Celtics. He was brought in after seven seasons with the Jazz. Irving was later traded to the Celtics for Isaiah Thomas due to an unexpected trade request by Irving.

The injury to Hayward was similar to the one suffered to Paul George now of the Oklahoma Thunder. While no timetable of recovery was immediately reported, it is expected Hayward is out for the season.

Jayson Tatum May Benefit From Hayward Injury

Lottery pick Jayson Tatum may end up starting in Hayward’s place. When forward Marcus Morris returns from his right knee injury, Aron Bynes may well start at center and Horford at power forward (always his better position).

The Celtics definitely got less experienced with the injury and may be significantly affected. The only advantage is that the Celtics have the whole season to figure out how to replace Hayward.


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