Coast 2 Coast Podcast Episode #26: Toronto Raptors Review, Kawhi’s Dominance, Second Round Preview

In today’s podcast, Austin and Dante discuss the current state of the NBA playoffs. Starting with Thursday night’s games, the two discuss the keys to victory for the Toronto Raptors and San Antonio Spurs. They also discuss Pop’s comments regarding Kawhi Leonard‘s standing in the league’s hierarchy. Following that, they discuss the play of point guards in the league, its over-saturation of talent, and possible expansion. Seattle is the obvious number one, but who else could be a potential option for expansion?

Looking forward to Friday’s games, the duo predict winners and possible Game Sevens in the first round before talking about problems with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Moving into the second round, Dante and Austin rank their most interesting second round matchups. After speaking about the Indiana Pacers’ uncertain future with the departure of President Larry Bird, they take a mailbag question, discussing the most underrated players in the league.

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Coast 2 Coast Podcast Episode #26: Toronto Raptors Review, Kawhi’s Dominance, Second Round Preview

Austin Cracraft and Dante Guarneri discuss everything from the wide world of the NBA, whether it be the latest update from a Banana Boat or a legend being thrown out of the Garden.

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Austin is a Staff Writer and Podcast Host/Producer at Last Word On Sports. He is currently attending the University of Oregon and enjoys watching, talking about, and playing sports. He is a shameless Colorado Buffaloes and Oregon Ducks fan.

Dante studies Financial Economics at Columbia University. For every statistic and analytic undertaking, he hopes to shed humorous light on the everyday parity of the sports world. A life-long sports fan, he’s been blessed with championships from the New York Yankees and New York Giants, but cursed by the turbulent history of the Brooklyn (New Jersey) Nets.


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