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The Knicks Should Move Joakim Noah To The Bench

The Knicks have gotten off to a roller coaster of a season, but they may be able to stop the bleeding by moving Joakim Noah to the bench.

The New York Knicks have been a roller coaster this year. While maintaining a 6-7 record, they have been highly inconsistent. On one hand, they’ve lost to a Boston Celtics team without Al Horford and Jae Crowder, as well as a reeling Washington Wizards squad; however, they’ve also beaten a dangerous Chicago Bulls team, and most recently, a red hot Atlanta Hawks team. They have been very inconsistent, but their flaws are noticeable, and one in particular has been especially noticeable. The Knicks bench has been a liability this season, and they need to look at in house options to help stop the bleeding. To help aid the woes, the Knicks should move Joakim Noah to the bench.

The Knicks Should Move Joakim Noah To The Bench

Noah Has Become The Elephant in the Room

Last off-season, the Knicks and Joakim Noah agreed to a 4 year, $72 million dollar deal for him to become the team’s defensive anchor; however, despite his defensive presence, Noah has been a liability offensively. In eight out of twelve games, Noah has scored four or fewer points, including three games where he hasn’t scored a point. While Noah has never been a scorer throughout his career, he’s never disappeared in an offense like he has this year. His disappearance has also been due to Kristaps Porzingis‘ growth.

Porzingis Should be Playing Center, not Power Forward

When the Knicks brought in Noah, they were aware that big man Kristaps Porzingis was on the verge of officially becoming a center; he has now become one. Standing at 7’3″, Porzingis is a two way threat who is on the rise to stardom. At his height, he should without a doubt be playing center not power forward; however, Noah is currently the center and his presence forces Porzingis to play the four. By moving Noah to the bench, Porzingis can finally play his natural position, as could Carmelo Anthony.

Carmelo Anthony has Become a Power Forward

At this stage of his career, Knicks star forward Carmelo Anthony is a power forward, not a small forward. Anthony is one of the greatest scorers the NBA has ever seen, and he’s been a lethal small forward throughout his entire career; however, considering his age, Anthony should be playing the power forward position.

While still an elite scorer, Anthony has declined a bit in recent years. He’s slowed down a bit, and he tends to play in the post more often. With the player Anthony has become, he’s better suited to play the four. He can play his brand of basketball without having the lane clogged up by two seven footers. Anthony at the four, and Porzingis at the five would be beneficial for both them and the Knicks as a team. Justin Holiday cracking the starting lineup would also be beneficial.

Justin Holiday Should Start in Place of Noah 

If the Knicks are going to have Joakim Noah coming off the bench, they need to replace him with another wing to allow Anthony and Porzingis to play their natural positions. Justin Holiday should be that guy. While not an elite wing, Holiday has become a two way player. He is a good perimeter defender, he can play above the rim, and he has become a solid perimeter shooter. Holiday wouldn’t have to log major minutes despite starting, but he would still be able to give the Knicks another “Three and D” wing to go along with Courtney Lee. While in a way Holiday would be stealing Noah’s spotlight, Noah could play a very important role off the bench.

Noah’s Role Off the Bench Would be Crucial 

If Joakim Noah were to come off the bench, he would be the first big off the bench for the Knicks; he would also be Porzingis’ backup. With the NBA becoming a small ball league, many teams are now rolling with only one big man, and a small forward playing as a power forward. That makes Noah the odd man out, but it could put him in a role that he would be tailor made for.

Noah would proceed to come in for Porzingis and provide a spark plug. Even though he’s having a rough offensively, he’s still a great defender, a great facilitator, and still provides an immense amount of energy. He could help make the Knicks’ bench deeper and make their rotation more balanced. He would also thrive playing with Brandon Jennings.

Jennings, like Noah, likes to get out and run. He’s a high energy player, and a nifty passer. The two would play well together, and give the Knicks an overwhelming amount of energy.

Noah is Best Suited Coming Off the Bench

Joakim Noah has become the odd man out in the Knicks starting lineup. He’s an awkward fit, but he would thrive coming off the bench. While he would become a pricy reserve, Noah’s upbeat style of play coming off the bench would help balance the Knicks rotation for the better.

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