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Why the Mets Don’t Need to Buy or Sell at the Trade Deadline

As the 2024 season continues for the New York Mets, the issue of the upcoming trade deadline, especially trading certain players, continues to be a common topic of conversation. Many teams like the Mets continue to compete for the wild card regardless of being under or barely above .500. The Mets are not the only ones being talked about at the deadline. However, buying or selling, the Mets are perhaps the biggest team being discussed. But what if the Mets made no moves?

The Mets Don’t Need to Buy or Sell at This Year’s Deadline

The Mets Already Have a Good Team

Three weeks ago, the Mets couldn’t get anyone going, but now, veteran players and young stars are suddenly emerging. Part of the Mets’ recent success is due to getting players back from the injured list. Tylor Megill and David Peterson have both recently returned from the IL, and although they are not aces, they provide the Mets with some needed strength in the rotation and even the bullpen. Meanwhile, the Mets have also seen the return of their promising star catcher, Francisco Alvarez. This and veteran players on the team breaking out of slumps have produced excellent results. The team has added fresh faces via Triple-A and trade, which has worked perfectly in New York’s favor so far.

The Mets Are Still in Contention

The Mets should not view this season as one to let die. As demonstrated by last season, teams that get a wild card spot can still win it all. Every wild card team could find themselves in contention. This does not mean the Mets should buy, but it also means the Mets shouldn’t be reckless and sell. During New York’s ongoing winning streak, it was the first time that a lot of players were playing at the same time or even at the same level, showing that they could be capable of something special.

Return of the Ace

Mets ace Kodai Senga has not quite returned from the IL yet. This alone could be like a trade deadline acquisition to upgrade the rotation. Only one Mets pitcher has been able to tally 10 strikeouts in a game this season, something that Senga did regularly. Providing the Mets with an ace could power them to be an even better team. The Mets do not need to go after anyone in the market if they can get a powerful pitcher like Senga back from the IL. If the Mets make it, Senga would also be vital to a potential postseason run.

Many people would love to see the Mets unload talent or even buy talent at the deadline. Yet, the Mets could still choose an interesting option. They could stand pat, allow the season to play its course, and allow players to return from the IL. Of course, the Mets could still have a poor season, collapse, and have no choice but to sell. But if their strong play of late continues, the Mets do not need to make any moves.


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