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Three Players The Mets Shouldn’t Trade…For Now

As the New York Mets linger in fourth place in the National League East, they have become one of the major teams discussed around the trade deadline. In 2023, the Mets decided to trade away two older aces in return for prospects. They also decided to be patient with players like Pete Alonso. The Mets are expected to be sellers again this year, but there are a few players they shouldn’t trade, at least for now.

Three Players the Mets Shouldn’t Trade Right Away

Luis Severino

Despite being more than a third deep into the season and still being well below .500, the Mets find themselves just a few games from a playoff spot as a wild card. Luis Severino has gained momentum with his 3.25 ERA and ability to eat innings. Severino has moved on from a horrible 2023 to arguably become the Mets ace in 2024. Many teams want Severino, and he is a realistic trade candidate because he is on a one-year deal. However, if the Mets have a chance to succeed this season in securing a wild card, the Mets will need the stability Severino provides.

At the moment, the Mets do not need to sell, since a simple win streak will have them right in the hunt for a wild card spot. Also, if the Mets want a good starting pitcher next season, keeping him in New York and not trading him presents a better chance of him re-signing with the team that was willing to give him a second chance.

Francisco Lindor

In 2021, Francisco Lindor was signed to an 11-year deal, meaning he could be the shortstop for New York for a whole decade. The main goal of the Mets in the offseason is most likely to secure as many stars and All-Stars as possible, and Lindor covers them at shortstop. Although the three-time Silver Slugger would bring in a big haul if traded, teams are unlikely to want his huge contract with so many years and dollars remaining. So, it is best for the Mets to hold onto Lindor for now.

Pete Alonso

Perhaps the most sought-after player on the market right now, there is plenty of speculation on Pete Alonso and where he might end up if traded. Again, if the Mets want to compete for the wild card, for now, they are not going to consider a deal with a team. But Alonso is also not nearly as hot as he was last year at the deadline. His offense is still valuable, but many teams might not be willing to give a large return.

The New York Yankees, whose own first baseman Anthony Rizzo is struggling, could be one of the teams to go after Alonso, but unless a team is desperate to get into the playoffs, no one would be willing to give the Mets a huge haul for the Polar Bear. The likelihood of a trade could go up if Alonso does better, but chances are if Alonso does better, the Mets would likely improve in turn, and New York would then hold on to him.

Although they will be the frequent subject of trade rumors, the Mets should show patience and hold back on certain trades for now as long as they stay in the wild card race.


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