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Blue Jays Ace Records Lowest ERA in First Five Starts

Blue Jays starter Jose Berrios has recorded the lowest ERA in his first five starts so far this season. Talk about impressive!! The fact that Berrios has recorded a better ERA in his first five starts compared to the greats. Such as Roger Clemens, Dave Stieb, and Matt Shoemaker. His 0.85 ERA and 4-0 record showcase how Berrios is playing with a lot of confidence. He’s off to an amazing start and is looking sharp.

Blue Jays Starter Makes Franchise History Through First Five Starts

Berrios has recorded a scoreless streak of pitching 21.2 innings and not giving up a run. His astounding 0.85 ERA was recorded after facing the San Diego Padres on Saturday April 21st. He pitched 6 innings, and only gave up two walks, five hits, recorded six strikeouts and no runs. La Makina commented on his performance so far this season and stated “This is the best I’ve felt to start a season.” Berrios has been dominating with his pitching and just looks very focused and confident when he pitches. His current ERA is good enough to rank him third in MLB for ERA. His 4-0 record ranks him first with a perfect start to his season.

La Makina

Berríos killing it with that 0.85 ERA. Making franchise history and putting up spectacular numbers, Berrios is having himself a baseball career. He’s certainly looking like a pitching machine and it’s been exciting to watch him pitch so well. A pitchers ERA is always respectable when it’s around 3. But Berrios has way surpassed respectable early on this season. He’s come a long way from past seasons with the Blue Jays and he definitely deserves to be called an ace for his strong performances on the mound this season.

His ability to get out of a jam should be studied and it’s great how he does it with such composure. When a pitcher is in a jam it certainly puts more pressure on a pitcher. It can certainly have a way of negatively interfering with a pitchers mental game. But by remaining focused pitchers have the ability to get out of jams. And Berrios has done this well so far this season. Berrios deserved to be the Opening Day Starter this season and he just continues to impress.

With the way he has been pitching he’s certainly making a case as a Cy Young recipient. If he can continue to pitch like this he’ll certainly make a stronger case as it is still early in the season. It would definitely be huge for him as he won his first Gold Glove award last season. A lot of praise goes out to Berrios for making Blue Jays history and for his strong first five starts.

Main Photo Credits: Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports


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