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This Blue Jays Pitcher Is Off To An Amazing Start This Season

The 2024 regular season has not even hit a month yet, and we’ve already witnessed stellar pitching from this Blue Jays pitcher. Jose Berrios, aka La Makina, has been impressive. In all three games he has pitched this season, the Toronto Blue Jays have won. In his most recent outing, he pitched 6.2 innings, allowing four hits, no runs, 1 walk, and six strikeouts. It was certainly his best performance so far against the Seattle Mariners in the Blue Jays home opener. Pitching for Berrios has showcased an upward spiral as his seasons have progressed. He went from a 5.23 ERA in 2022 to a 3.65 ERA last season.

This Blue Jays Starting Pitcher Is Pitching Like An Ace

La Makina

Berrios has been the Blue Jays most impressive Blue Jays starting pitcher so far this season. and the fact that he’s getting lefties out is all that matters. His outings have showcased pitching that is out of the ordinary for him. But Berrios has always been good against righties and will do so again. It’s hard not to value his career .671 OPS against 2581 right-handed hitters more than a 46 batter sample size in a couple starts. Also, keep in mind that his OPS submitted to left-handed hitters has significantly improved since reestablishing his arsenal against them with his new cutter.

He’s using the new cutter about 11% of the time versus left-handed hitters, which isn’t anything. Arsenal in baseball refers to the full arrangement of pitches accessible to a pitcher, including other intangibles, such as control or lack of control. Berrios has certainly made adjustments and, in addition, has completely changed his pitch mix. 21 >> 33% sinkers, 27 >> 12% 4SFB, slightly fewer changeups, and slurves. While it’s not his bread-and-butter pitch, it’s a secret weapon correlating to his arsenal. His ERA has, without question, been solid, with a 1.45 ERA in three starts. He’s pitching like an ace and will be the Blue Jays pitcher that hitters must beat if they want to be successful against him.

No Belly Itcher, Just A Stellar Pitcher

After finishing the 2023 regular season with a well-pitched year, earning his first Gold Glove Award and continuing with clutch pitching, La Makina is certainly on fire. He is off to another impressive season with the Blue Jays and certainly looks comfortable on the mound. He plays with intensity and energy, and you can tell from his time spent working on his physique and pitching adjustments that he lives and breathes baseball. Also, that he hustles and is a workhorse. Berrios is off to a great start and Blue Jays fans are looking forward to seeing how the rest of the season will progress for him. He’s certainly on the road to another sharp season with the Blue Jays. His stats against lefties have unquestionably while odd have been monumental.

Main Photo Credits: Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports


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