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These Two Blue Jays Players Represent Dynamic Duo Bonds

Spring training has commenced in baseball and two Toronto Blue Jays players already look like a dynamic duo. They are Bo Bichette and Justin Turner. Toronto’s focus in the offseason was to pick up offense and that’s what they are getting with Justin Turner. We already know that Bichette is the Blue Jays’ best offensive hitter on the team so having Turner batting after him in the lineup works very well. The Blue Jays had a lot of issues with RISP not only last season but in many past seasons. If these two players can consistently sustain their offense they will be a great dynamic duo.

The Blue Jays Dynamic Duo

Bo Bichette

Bichette is entering his sixth season with the Toronto Blue Jays and has consistently put up a highly respectable batting average every season. Last season Bichette recorded a .306 batting average with 73 RBI. Bichette is a leader and makes hitting look effortless. His teammates gravitate towards him and at just 25 years old it is impressive how he has become the leader of the Blue Jays. Bichette was the first rookie to record nine consecutive games with extra-base hits since Ted Williams in 1939 with a 1.316 OPS during that period. Bichette doesn’t only possess stellar offense but also speed.

Justin Turner’s Influence on the Blue Jays

Like Bichette, Turner has put up an appealing batting average across several seasons. Last season with the Boston Red Sox, he finished with a .276 batting average and recorded 96 RBI. The definitive distinction between both Turner and Bichette is their age. The great thing about this is that Turner can spread his wisdom to Bichette and his teammates. They can help one another and work together to help the Blue Jays have a bounce-back season. If Turner can consistently drive runs with Bichette ahead of him in the lineup, this will be lethal for Toronto.

The Blue Jays needed a veteran clean-up slugger following Brandon Belt‘s departure to free agency. His numbers last season would have been enough to make Turner one of the Blue Jays’ top hitters. It’s something that helped make Toronto an attractive destination for the World Series champion.

Other Dynamic Duos

The Blue Jays have had many dynamic duo players in the past. The best dynamic duos in the past were Joe Carter and Dave Stieb, George Bell and Jesse Barfield, Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion, Jose Canseco and Carlos Delgado, and Troy Glaus and Vernon Wells.

Final Thoughts

Turner understands what it takes to win and he can share that with he rest of the club. The Blue Jays are keen to forget their recent postseason failures after losing all three Wild Card Series they’ve qualified for since 2020. Turner hopes to remedy that and he’s got the cast to do that. Bichette and Turner have shown consistency with the stats they have put up and they have great discipline at the plate. It will be exciting to see what both these offensive players will do as we approach the month of April.

Photo Credit: © Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports


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