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The Best Blue Jays Dynamic Duos of All Time

Dynamic duos continue to be common in baseball, and there have been some talented dynamic duos in Blue Jays history. Many of them spent decades in baseball, earning them longtime respect. They have provided memorable games and stats that have led the Blue Jays to success. There have been several dynamic duos in Blue Jays history, but some deserve special recognition.

The Best Toronto Blue Jays Dynamic Duos

Joe Carter and Dave Stieb

Joe Carter and Dave Stieb are two players who brought the Blue Jays a lot of success and helped lead them to back-to-back World Series titles. On August 27th, 2023, MLB celebrated the 30th anniversary of the 1992 World Series champs, including these two. In 1993, Carter was a hero, hitting one of the most memorable home runs in the history of the Blue Jays. Over the course of his career, Stieb pitched 2,895 innings. He recorded a 56.5 career Wins Above Replacement as a pitcher. He was a seven-time All-Star and won the Sporting News Pitcher of the Year Award in 1982.

George Bell and Jesse Barfield

If you want to talk about quality outfielders, these next two deserve the utmost respect in Blue Jays history. Many have never in their lives seen an arm as strong and accurate as Jesse Barfield. He was a beast, having a notable knack for throwing out baserunners. Both Barfield and George Bell retired early from MLB in their 30s. These two players earned spots on the Blue Jays all-time home run leaders, 202 from Bell and 179 from Barfield. Carlos Delgado is the leader with 336; behind him is Jose Bautista with 288. 

Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion

Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion are a more recent dynamic duo in Blue Jays history. In 2015, these two players majorly helped the Blue Jays beat the Texas Rangers in the ALDS. Bautista and Encarnacion were known as two very big threats and power hitters at the plate. Bautista had three seasons where he hit 40 or more home runs, and Encarnacion had two. These two were recognized for their talent both at the plate and defensively.

Jose Canseco and Carlos Delgado

Carlos Delgado and Jose Canseco each hit 40 or more home runs in a season for Toronto. Delgado did it three and Canseco once. These two earned themselves street cred early by being successful early in their careers, just like Davis Schneider was this season. In 1998, Delgado and Canseco were both memorable and likable players on the roster. Marcus Semien had four home runs through 11 games this season. Only Carlos Delgado (six) and Jose Canseco (five) had more through the first 11 games of a player’s career. 

Troy Glaus and Vernon Wells

The Toronto Blue Jays last had five All-Stars in 2006: Vernon Wells, Troy Glaus, Alex Rios, Roy Halladay, and B.J. Ryan. They were all chosen to represent the Blue Jays at the Major League Baseball All-Star Game. The two top-five 1997 draft picks, Wells and Glaus, spearheaded Toronto’s lineup that year. When you think of talented offense, this dynamic duo stands out for the pop they provided for the Blue Jays. 

Final Thoughts

There have been many memorable dynamic duos in Blue Jays history. They will forever be remembered for the success they achieved with the Blue Jays. At the end of the day, these former Blue Jays players will always be recognized for the talent they provided through their unique skills both at the plate and in the field.


Photo Credit: © John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports


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