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José Bautista Joins the 2024 BBWAA Hall of Fame Ballot

Baseball Hall of Fame

It wasn’t long before José Bautista ended up on the Level of Excellence. Now, he has made the 2024 Hall of Fame ballot list. The BBWWA ballot came out on Monday with Bautista up for election. He last played in the majors in 2018 but signed a one-day contract in August to retire as a member of the franchise he did so much for. Bautista was the next inductee into the Level of Excellence, commemorating his success with the Blue Jays. This was a massive achievement in his baseball career.

Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot Features 12 Newcomers

José , José , José

While his stats alone may not get him in, the story of his career is legendary. That alone should get him some votes on its own merit. The former outfielder’s career is remarkable and singular. Bautista joins Adrian Beltre, David Wright, Joe Mauer, Matt Holliday are among the new candidates on the Hall of Fame Ballot. Bautista, a six-time All-Star batted .247 with 344 home runs and 975 RBI. He played for Baltimore, Tampa Bay, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Atlanta and the New York Mets. He led the majors in home runs in back-to-back seasons with 54 in 2010 and 43 in 2011, earning the Hank Aaron Award as the best hitter in the American League.

Making the Case

It was in Toronto where Bautista did his most threatening damage at the plate. It made him a fan favorite and a leader on teams that made it to consecutive ALCS in back-to-back seasons. His 54 home runs in 2010 reamins a franhicse record and his bat flip that remains to be an epic moment in the postseason for him and the Blue Jays. It’s one of the greatest moments ever to be seen on a baseball field.

BBWAA votes have until December 31 to submit their ballots. Results will be announced on January 23 with candidates needing votes on 75 per cent of all ballots to earn election to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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