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Jose Bautista Officially Retires as a Blue Jay

Jose Bautista retires

On August 11th, it was announced that Jose Bautista will sign a one-day contract in order to officially retire as a Toronto Blue Jay. Bautista will forever be commemorated for his time as a Blue Jay and helping bring his team to the playoffs in 2015. In addition, he will always be remembered for the legendary bat flip that represented a moment of pure raw emotion and celebration. The current Jays lineup could learn a thing or two from the legend himself. You could go as far as to say that the Jays’ 2023 roster could use his offensive bat. Bautista will retire and be remembered as a player that came up with clutch hits with runners on base.

Jose Bautista Retires As Blue Jay

Looking back

When Bautista was at his best he was untouchable. He led the Jays in home runs three times and hit 54 homers back in 2010. He won three Silver Slugger awards and made six All-Star appearances between 2010 and 2015. As a Blue Jay, he hit 288 home runs which come second behind Carlos Delgado who hit 336.  During his peak, his focus at the plate was unbelievable. He had an elite batting eye at the plate, and it was a strong skill of Bautista’s to crush balls over the strike zone. Most of the time, when he was questioning and arguing balls and strikes with an umpire, he was right.

Overall, his biggest asset as a Blue Jay was hitting homers off of evident non-strike pitches. There were circumstances where pitchers were throwing pitches away from the middle of the strike zone and Bautista would knock those pitches out of the ballpark. He also had a masterful handle on the strike zone. Having spent more than nine seasons with the Jays, he was a walk and home run machine, with career totals of 1032 walks and 344 home runs.

Star Athlete

There are not many times when a player in the outfield throws a player out at first base. Well, Bautista did this nine years ago and it was an impressive play. This play showcased what a strong arm Bautista has and that you shouldn’t undermine his capabilities. Whenever he hit a home run his swings were similar to golf drives and you just knew the ball was gone. The way Jose hit home runs was majestic and celebrating his success as a Blue Jay embarks on a joyous occasion knowing he will retire as a Blue Jay forever.

Level of Excellence

In addition to retiring as a Blue Jay, Bautista will also be receiving the honor of making it onto the Level of Excellence list. On August 12th, there will be a ceremony to mark his being inducted into the Level of Excellence. It will be an exciting game where fans will be able to go down memory lane with Bautista and his time as a Jay. Bautista’s Bat Flip Bobblehead will also be given away to the first 15,000 fans who attend the game.

The Bat Flip will forever mark a day that although caused controversy, for Jays fans will be remembered as a celebratory high point in Bautista’s career. The Bat Flip will forever be a significant memory in Jays’ sports history that shaped Bautista’s career. It has become a huge symbol in Jays’ history, and sports media. Let’s not forget that Bautista also went from hitting 13 home runs in 2009 to then hitting 54 home runs in 2010. The big leap from one year to the next represents his adjustment in his swing and putting up impressive numbers.

Forever A Jay

Jose Bautista will always be respected as a Blue Jay player by fans for his strong command as a hitter as well as his showmanship and willingness to compete hard. Fans are looking forward to seeing him at the game on August 12th, and are ready to see him retire as a Blue Jay. His swing will always be missed and he will be remembered for having an impact on fans. His #19 jersey will go on to forever be remembered as Joey Batts.

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