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2023 Cy Young Winners Announced For AL and NL

The 2023 Cy Young Award winners have been announced; for the NL, it is Blake Snell, and for the AL, it is Gerrit Cole. Snell became the 7th pitcher to win a Cy Young in both the AL and NL. Snell wins his second Cy Young, pleading his case about why he should receive the big bucks. After leading MLB in ERA, Snell can reflect on an incredible season with his head held high with this significant achievement. Cole lived up to being the ace of the New York Yankees, leading the AL in many categories. He led the league in ERA, IP, and WHIP to earn his first-ever Cy Young. Cole has been a contender for the Cy Young in multiple seasons and deserves the award this season.

On the AL side, Sonny Gray of the Minnesota Twins came in second, and the Toronto Blue Jays’ Kevin Gausman came in third. On the NL side, Logan Webb of the San Francisco Giants finished second, and Zac Gallen of the Arizona Diamondbacks finished third. Cole won the AL award unanimously, receiving all 30 first-place votes. For the NL award, Snell garnered 28 out of 30 first-place votes, while Webb and Gallen received one each.

2023 Cy Young Award Winners Announced

Blake Snell

It was a monster season for Snellzilla. He earned the second Cy Young of his career and has made the San Diego Padres organization and fans proud. Snell joins Roger Clemens, Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, Max Scherzer, Gaylord Perry, and Roy Halladay as the pitchers to win the Cy Young in both leagues. Snell also joins Justin Verlander, Max Scherzer, Corey Kluber, Jacob deGrom, and Clayton Kershaw as active pitchers who have all earned more than one Cy Young Award in their career.  Oddly enough, Snell started 1-6 at the beginning of the 2023 season. He’s the first pitcher in MLB history to earn the Cy Young after being more than five games under .500. 

Gerrit Cole

Hats go off to Gerrit Cole for showcasing dominance on the mound in 2023. His domination earned him his first AL Cy Young Award this season. This prestigious award is one that pitchers dream of earning. Winning the Cy Young not only looks good on your baseball resume, but it also represents a pitcher with the natural raw talent of resiliency, tenacity, and earnestness. Cole’s precision on the mound, consistent strikeouts, and unmatched pitching finesse make him a true ace. This is a truly well-deserved honor despite a disappointing season for the Yankees. In 33 games this season, he pitched 209 innings and recorded an ERA of 2.63, a 0.981 WHIP, and 222 strikeouts. Cole had the upper hand in finally winning the Cy Young Award. He finished in the top five four times from 2018 to 2021. 


Congrats to Gerrit Cole and Blake Snell, this year’s Cy Young winners. Cole is the first 1-1 draftee to win the award. Now earning his second Cy Young, once in each league, Snell has smitten MLB with his successful 2023 season. Cole and Snell each gained momentum in 2023 by recording 20 starts with less than three runs, and Sonny Gray recorded 21 starts. Congratulations to Gausman for a strong 2023 season and for being 2023 AL Cy Young Award finalist. The same goes for Gray, as well as Webb and Gallen in the NL. The 2023 season was filled with impressive performances from pitchers whose hard work won’t be forgotten.


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