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Blue Jays Stars Continue to Play With Confidence

Cavan Biggio and Daulton Varsho of the Toronto Blue Jays continue to play confidently as their team remains in the Wild Card race. Their quality at-bats and impressive defensive skills have been exceptional. The late second half of the regular season has been good for Biggio and Varsho. They continue to get on base and have been playing with confidence. Biggio’s confidence is evident as he looks calm and barely moves his feet when at bat. His steadiness at the plate has allowed him to be more disciplined, and he’s been walking a lot more.

Therefore, it helps the Blue Jays score more runs. Varsho has also been productive as a strong baserunner and playing with urgency. With Biggio, his offense has always been there. Biggio’s offense in 2022 was also a pleasant surprise. But Biggio continues to gain more respect as a utility player and has gotten more playing time. Toronto needs the best offense as runs sometimes come short, and manager John Schneider has been depending on offense from his most productive players. Overall, both Biggio and Varsho have stepped it up and have been playing with confidence.

Biggio & Varsho’s Confidence Continues to Be Seen

Confident Cavan

Biggio is in a good place right now. Cavan Biggio can be seen as a potential Ben Zobrist. His most shining moments are yet to come. On September 20th, against the New York Yankees, he made an amazing catch from a 102.8 mph ball from Kevin Gausman. He also took a hit away from DJ LeMahieu and looked like a natural first baseman. The fact that Biggio has been successfully playing different positions, such as third-base, second, and first, has been helpful. In the game against the Tampa Bay Rays on September 22nd, he was also productive, drawing in another walk and then scoring in the 6th inning of the game. The Jays scored four runs in that inning.


Varsho got an important home run against the Rays on September 22nd, his 18th of the season. While Varsho’s offense has been inconsistent at times, you know that he is always a threat to hit a home run. It would be impressive if he could hit two more before the end of the regular season. We know the Blue Jays haven’t hit as many home runs as we’ve anticipated this season. But when they’re able to get them, they do it with confidence, and this was seen in game 1 of the Rays series. The Rays clinched a playoff spot on September 17th, so a win against a rival American League East team always looks good in the books for the Jays.

Varsho’s urgency was seen in the Boston Red Sox series, and his confidence both in the outfield and at the plate is present. Varsho continues to be an asset to the Toronto lineup. Timely hitting is an aspect that Varsho encompasses. He gets big hits when they mean the most. This was present against the Red Sox on September 16th, when Varsho scored a triple to tie the game. The Jays then went on to win that game 4-3.

Biggio & Varsho

Congratulations to Biggio and Varsho for their recent success and improved second half of the season. It has been nice for the Jays to get production and top-notch defense from both these players. If they can continue to win these last important games left of the regular season, they will find success in the postseason. If they can also make a deeper push in the playoffs, it will be exciting to see what they will do for them offensively. Confidence is so important, and Biggio and Varsho have been playing confidently, and it has paid off. While offense for the Jays has been sporadic, we know that it can come from many players and at surprising times.

Main Photo Credits: John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports



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