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Chad Green Continues to Show Consistency in the Bullpen

Chad Green continues to show consistency for the Toronto Blue Jays by putting up scoreless innings. He has bounced back since his first outing after returning from the IL. It is essential for Toronto that their bullpen be consistent, especially at this point in the season. The Jays continue to fight to remain in a playoff spot, so every win is important for them. The bullpen has mostly risen to the occasion this season. Guys like Tim Mayza, Yimi Garcia, and Erik Swanson have been consistent for the Jays for most of the year. Green is working his way to joining this list. If he can continue to pitch well, he could be an important piece of the puzzle for the Jays’ success in making the postseason.

Chad Green’s Consistency Remains Impressive

Consistency Is Key

Green has continued to find his groove in the bullpen and picked up his third win of the season on Saturday, helping the Jays to a 4-3 victory over the Boston Red Sox. Green is looking more confident and comfortable on the mound.  Getting ahead in the count, not racking up your pitch count, and putting up as many scoreless innings as possible are all important. Green has fared well at these goals recently. He has been getting more playing time, and he’s also been pitching more innings.

Although Green has an ERA of 9.00, that figure has gone down from 21.60 on September 3rd. If he continues to pitch well, he could keep giving himself a more respectable ERA. Let’s keep in mind that he missed most of the season due to recovery from Tommy John surgery. But Green, for most of his career, has shown consistency, going back to when he pitched for the New York Yankees.

Never Forget About the Bullpen

Having a strong bullpen makes a big difference. As a reliever, you want to keep your team in games. When you are finding yourself in a jam as a reliever and are able to get out of it, it makes a big difference. This is especially true in close games. Every pitch and everything that happens in the late innings of a game is crucial. One wild pitch could cost you a run. Green has had a nice command of the strike zone, and fans have been content with his performance so far this season with the Jays.

Although it is a small sample size, many expected him to gain his confidence back. The Jays signed Green back on January 31st of this year. It is nice for Toronto not to have to face Chad Green anymore. He was dominant against the Jays when he pitched for the Yankees. Green will most likely be pitching against his former team in their upcoming series. It will be impressive if he can shut down his former team.

Green for the Win

No pitcher is ever perfect in baseball, and you always hope for the best. Plus, it’s never easy when a player has to go through a long recovery from an injury. While Tommy John surgery is common for pitchers, and you can recover, it takes time. While relievers don’t pitch as much as starters, they still pitch a lot. Overall, whenever you’re away from the big leagues for a significant period of time, it takes time to get back into the swing of things. Chad Green has shown us, for the most part, that he has strong potential as a 32-year-old pitcher in the bullpen for the Jays. The season has, without question, been impacted by injuries, but getting Green back from the IL has been a big positive for the Jays.


Photo Credit: Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports


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