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Spencer’s Best Bets For Baseball: August 8th

The Best Bets series has swiftly and violently turned into the worst bet series. Yesterday felt like we slipped into an alternate dimension where everything was backward. Gerrit Cole had one of the worst starts of his season, allowing five hits, four earned runs, and striking out three. This is coming against one of the worst teams in the majors, who just waived the white flag at the trade deadline. The only typical thing about this game was Aaron Boone losing his mind on an umpire and getting tossed.

It was moving swiftly on. It’s Tuesday, which can only mean one thing… dingers shall ding on this day.

Dinger Tuesday

For those familiar with the promotion, I will save you from a full explanation. However, if you are still getting familiar, a full write-up of the rise can be found here. Additionally, a full run-down of the promotion rules can be found here.

As always, please opt-in on FanDuel before placing your $25 bet on any games.

WAS @ PHI GAME 1: Alec Bohm (+560) 0.25U

MIA @ CIN: Josh Bell (+400) 0.25U

TOR @ CLE: Jose Ramirez (+450) 0.25U

NYY @ CWS: Luis Robert (+500) 0.25U

COL @ MIL: Nolan Jones (+540) 0.25U

Best Bets Aug. 8th

Dodgers @ Diamondbacks

We will target just one matchup today, as most focus will be on the dingers. The Los Angeles Dodgers travel to the desert to take on the Arizona Diamondbacks. This one is pretty straightforward. The Diamondbacks are giving Brandon Pfaadt the start tonight. He is a rookie full of potential, but his first go at it could have been better. The high-octane Dodger offense will look to take advantage of the struggling rookie.

The Pick: Dodgers F5 -0.5 (-114) 0.5U

J.D. Martinez 1+ RBI (+110) 0.25U

Best Bets Record

Day 23 Recap: Death By 1000 Cuts

NYY F5 -0.5 ❌❌

Dunning 5+ Ks & Rangers F5 ❌❌

Garcia RBI ❌❌

Witt Jr. SB ❌❌

Suarez o1.5 BB ⚠️⚠️

Overall: 55-67-7 (-0.19U)

Yesterday: 1-4-0 (-2.75U)

Main Photo Credits: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Players Mentioned: Gerrit Cole, Alec Bohm, Josh Bell, José Ramírez, Luis Robert Jr., Nolan Jones, Brandon Pfaadt, J.D. Martinez


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