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Yoán Moncada Trade Talk: New Destination for Yoán?

Once a promising prospect, Yoán Moncada has slumped his way into trade talks. The Chicago White Sox are 13 games below .500, and it doesn’t look like it will get easier anytime soon. After a hot opening week, Moncada has hardly touched the field. A back injury has kept the 27-year-old out the last month while Chicago tries to move him. 

Yoán Moncada Trade Talk

His Recent Downfall

In 2019, the Cuban slashed .315/.367/.548 while smacking 25 home runs and 79 RBI. Since then, he has been batting .252 with 34 home runs and 141 RBI over 309 games. Injuries can justify a prominent factor in this decline. Since 2019, Moncada has missed time due to 14 different injuries, including three back and hamstring injuries each. Something like this will likely decrease his potential trade value but will not affect it as much due to his young age. The White Sox aspire for a more impressive play from Moncada to increase the potential trade return.

Potential Trade Return

The White Sox will most likely look to trade Moncada for pitching. A great pitching staff on paper that has been disappointing since the start of last season. This season, Chicago ranks 14th in the AL with a team 5.50 ERA but second with 402 strikeouts. Other valuable returns include prospects and picks. It may be difficult for the White Sox to trade an injury-ridden player like Moncada for another elite player. It’s still early, but teams have already listed some pitchers on the trade block.

Trevor May

Trevor May is a name to watch this trade deadline, especially if the White Sox bullpen struggles. He provides a decent arm and experience to set up the closer. May has allowed eight earned runs over six innings pitched. However, baseball in Oakland has been an overall struggle this year. Perhaps a move to the White Sox would provide a moral boost for the 33-year-old.

Corey Kluber

Another pitcher on the trade block is Boston’s Corey Kluber. Hoping to rejuvenate his career, Kluber has only struggled more since signing with the Boston Red Sox. He has allowed 24 eared runs over 31 1/3 innings pitched. This a player that the White Sox wants to avoid when dealing with Moncada. Chicago should attempt to trade for younger players or proven veterans with additional picks in consideration.

Chris Sale

When the White Sox dealt Chris Sale in 2016, it was considered a landslide win for Boston. Each side of the trade has had its fair share of problems. Although the White Sox received Moncada and Michael Kopech in return, neither player has proven to stay healthy. On the other hand, Sale hasn’t been all that healthy either.  A potential return to Chicago for the side-arm-throwing lefty may be possible if the White Sox can get past the torn jerseys and broken tv incidents. 

Final Thoughts

Although Moncada has seen a hot start and injury this year, his trade involvement has been in the talks since 2020. Declining with numerous injuries has frustrated the White Sox management to no end. They have been paying for a guy who has played 60% of the games in the past four seasons, and when he does play, his production has been underwhelming. A new start can be good for Yoan Moncada as he tries to return to his 2019 form. 

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