Chicago Cubs Must Regroup After an Embarrassing Weekend

The Chicago Cubs’ embarrassing weekend against the Minnesota Twins shows that changes are needed if the trend continues. After winning the first game 6-2, the Cubs lost the remaining two games by a combined score of 27-4. An embarrassing weekend on the field shows that the Cubs are in trouble. Star infielder Nico Hoerner on the injured list does not help the situation. The schedule gets more challenging for the Cubs as they face the reigning AL and NL champions, the Houston Astros and Philadelphia Phillies, on the road this week.

Even though the Cub’s embarrassing weekend losses were terrible, there were some bright spots. Recently called-up utility player Christopher Morel has a .381 batting average with three home runs and six RBI in five appearances. Over the weekend, Morel had four hits and two home runs. The Cubs also continued their streak of scoring a run in every game they have played this season. No opposing pitching staff has been able to hold the Cubs scoreless, even as they allowed 27 runs this weekend.

Chicago Cubs Embarrassing Losses

The David Ross Discussion

After their embarrassing weekend, the Cubs must evaluate David Ross and his job status. Ross, currently in his fourth season as Cubs manager, has led them to a 19-21 record so far this season and a 198-226 record overall. It’s the furthest below .500 the Cubs have been this season, and this roster is more than capable of being successful. Cubs fans constantly show frustration with Ross and his tactics on social media. Heading into this season, it is evident that this was a make-or-break year for Ross and the coaching staff.

The Cubs can make a deep postseason run but need to be held back by better leadership. Ross shoulders the most blame for the embarrassing weekend. Every team goes through some adversity in a 162-game season, and how each group responds varies. Manager Ross has always led the team, good and bad. The team is 5-8 in May and risks losing contention if this slide continues. Ross is on the hot seat and needs to rally the team to save his job.

What Is Next

If the Cub’s embarrassing weekend carries over into this week, there are two logical dates for a change. The Cubs are off on May 18 following their series with the Astros and on May 22 after playing the Phillies. If the difference becomes needed, the sooner, the better. A logical interim replacement for Ross would be bench coach Andy Green with prior managerial experience. Green would allow some continuity and new leadership in the dugout.

After the Cubs’ embarrassing weekend, they need to rebound and fast so that their season does not spiral out of control, as many teams have seen in the past. Talent is present for the Cubs, but improvements are needed in the leadership department. They can go deep in October. The question is whether the Cubs can overcome adversity and save their season before it slips away. Overcome these issues and watch out for the Cubs in the postseason.

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