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Looking Ahead to Potential Milestones in 2023

2023 is another season where players show us their talent as well as what they can accomplish. It’s always interesting to keep an eye on which career milestones could be achieved or surpassed.last season, it was Aaron Judge who marched his way to a 62-home run campaign. Then, Albert Pujols became the fourth player to reach the 700-home run mark. Now, as we near another 162-game adventure, here are some potential 2023 MLB milestones that will likely happen.

2023 MLB Milestones To Watch

Elvis Andrus: 2,000 Hits

Elvis Andrus is three hits away from 2,000. Andrus has been a consistent hitter since his major league debut in 2009. In his 14-year career, Andrus has reached 150 hits or more in nine seasons, with a career-high 191 in 2017. He will be just one of four active players to accumulate 2,000 hits. Andrus will join Miguel Cabrera, Robinson Cano and Joey Votto.

Nolan Arenado: 300 Home Runs

Last season, it was Albert Pujols who reached a milestone. This season, however, Nolan Arenado is one swat away from 300 home runs. When he reaches the milestone, the 10-time Gold Glove winner will tie Chuck Klein for 154th on the all-time MLB home run list. Last season he hit 30 home runs in 148 games but he has hit 188 since 2017. Arenando has reached the 30 home run/ 100 RBI in seven consecutive campaigns.

Zack Greinke: 3,000 Strikeouts

Zack Greinke made his 500th career start last season, becoming one of 48 pitchers to reach that mark. He has 2,882 career strikeouts, which ranks third among active players. Since Greinke will return for a 20th season, he gives himself a chance to become the 20th player to earn 3,000 strikeouts. The odds seem slim, but he needs to get 118 strikeouts, whereas he only fanned 73 batters last year. Besides the milestone, Greinke is still can be an effective pitcher well into his late 30s.

Justin Verlander: 250 Wins

Everyone should know the numbers for Justin Verlander by now. The future Hall of Famer has three Cy Young Awards with two World Series titles, one MVP award and 3,198 career strikeouts and counting. Verlander is six wins from 250 victories and 56 away from baseball’s iconic 300-win club. If he can pitch the way he did last season, Verlander can go the distance at 40 years old, and maybe to 300.

Craig Kimbrel/Kenley Jansen: 400 Saves

Kenley Jansen is just nine saves away from becoming the seventh pitcher in history to reach the 400-save mark. Jansen is three saves behind Craig Kimbrel, the active leader in that statistic. Jansen led the NL with 41 saves last season as he’s saved an average of 33 games in his last eight seasons. Kimbrel had three 40-save campaigns but only earned 23 saves in 2021 and 22 the following year. Both pitchers will join a club that features six others including Mariano Rivera, Lee Smith, Francisco Rodriguez, John Franco, Billy Wagner, and Trevor Hoffman.

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