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Termarr Johnson is a player teams seeking middle infield help with plenty of choices in the first few rounds. One of the first of those players off the board will be Termarr Johnson. The shortstop from Mays High School in Georgia has been ranked the number four prospect by mlb.com and could be the first player taken by the Baltimore Orioles. Named a 2021 Perfect Game All-American, Johnson is a potential number one overall choice due to his potential to be a power hitter. He has been called the best pure prep hitter in decades.


Johnson’s late discipline is always nice in young players, but it’s even better when you combine it with a good power swing. Johnson’s hand-eye coordination and power swing make him a superior contact hitter from the left side of the plate. He shows an already unbelievable feel for hitting and a lightning-quick bat for a player who just turned 18.

Scouts have mentioned Johnson has a patient approach at the plate. He is a player who studies the game. On top of that, he has shown he is a proven leader, even at his young age. Combine that with his willingness to listen to his coaches’ critiques and make adjustments, and you have a player not only driven to improve but one who can lead others to be better. This strength could be the thing that helps him overcome the problem of his age and lack of top-level competition.


There aren’t many disadvantages to Johnson’s game, but his only weakness scouts mention is his arm, which is considered average. Currently a shortstop, he will most likely change positions due to his average arm and foot speed for defence. Scouts have said a move to second base or the outfield would help him get to the big leagues quicker.

A couple of other possible weaknesses to consider revolve around his age and his experience. At 18, Johnson may have issues with the physical part of the game when he comes up against completion older and more physically developed. His age could also be an issue regarding the mental aspects of moving from high school to a professional team—regardless of his maturity level. Finally, coming from a high school environment means he’s never played against top-notch competition.

MLB Comparison

Termarr Johnson has a similar physical style of play to that of Arizona Diamondbacks Ketel Marte. Marte was a shortstop who moved to second base and center field. Their hitting styles are similar, though Johnson has more power in his swing than Marte. He’s projected to hit 25 to 30 home runs a season.

Furthermore, Johnson also has similarities to former Philadelphia Phillies great Jimmy Rollins. Both Marte and Rollins were leaders on the field and in the clubhouse. Any team that drafts Johnson would consider themselves lucky if he can one day become a player like Marte or Rollins offensively, defensively, and as a leader.

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