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Chicago Cubs Sign Andrelton Simmons

Andrelton Simmons

The Chicago Cubs have signed Andrelton Simmons. It is what could be the first of many deals for them. The Cubs signed him to a one-year, $4-million deal plus incentives late Friday to help solidify their need at shortstop.

What this Means for the Cubs

What this means for the Cubs is that they get a strong defensive shortstop to help a team that wants and needs to improve their defense.

Although ankle injuries led to an uncharacteristically mediocre season of glovework for him in 2020, he bounced back with a .976 fielding percentage and 67 double plays last year while playing for the Minnesota Twins.

Gold Glove Winner

Simmons is a four-time Gold Glove winner, and a Wilson MLB Overall Defensive Player of the Year Award winner. He also has six Fielding Bible Awards. That award recognizes the best defensive player for each fielding position in MLB based on statistical analysis. Also, his career defensive runs saved is close to 200.

Not Strong Offensively

Although Simmons is a not-so-strong offensive option for them he can still provide some good at-bats. Last season, he hit .223 with three homers, 31 RBI, and 37 runs scored. He also had 92 hits, 12 doubles, and a .558 OPS in 451 plate appearances for the Twins. For his career, he carries a .683 OPS and a .265 career average.

Age and Injuries

The Cubs signed Andrelton Simmons, and at 32 years old, he does have a recent history of ankle problems. This could be a concern for them. But if he is healthy, he is still a defensive standout, and that will only help in the middle of the Cubs infield. We know that shortstop is a difficult position to play and field, and finding a such quality defensive player in Simmons will be important for them.

If he can get back to that all-around form, the Cubs will be happy with him showcasing his stellar work at shortstop.

Good Signing

The Chicago Cubs have signed Andrelton Simmons in what could be the first of many deals for them. They signed him not for his offense but for his defense and his leadership on the field. He will provide good production defensively for them, and this should turn out to be a good value signing.

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