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Mariners Get Frazier in Trade With Padres

The Seattle Mariners have acquired Adam Frazier in a trade with the San Diego Padres. Frazier, an infielder, was an All-Star in 2021. Accordingly, Seattle sent minor league pitcher Ray Kerr and recently drafted outfielder Corey Roiser in exchange.

Mariners Acquire Frazier

Adam Frazier could be just what the Mariners need to bolster their infield and lineup for the upcoming season. Frazier was pursued heavily by the Mariners before the 2021 trade deadline. The deal did not work out then, but it sure did now. Just days before the expected MLB lockout, the Mariners have got a player that can set them up for success in 2022.

Frazier’s Bat 

Frazier fills a void the Mariners had issues with last season. The 5’10” 185 pounds left-handed second baseman is not a power hitter. However, he had an impressive .305 batting average last season. His ability to consistently make a difference in the lineup with his steady production is exactly what the Mariners need. The demise of the 2021 version of the Mariners was that not enough players got on base to score runs and support some superb pitching performances. The Mariners acquiring Frazier is almost guaranteed to help fill that weakness.

Frazier may not be the typical home run hitting ballplayer that clubs seem to seek nowadays. The Mariners have proven they have players who can provide that offensive kickstart. They just need someone to help get it started. According to Frazier’s 2021 hit spray chart, he mostly hits singles. He is in the 90th percentile for xBA.This is the likelihood a batted ball will become a hit. This is one of the many non-power-associated statistics that Frazier excels at.

Acquiring Frazier is a good move by the Mariners’ front office. Not only has he proven to be a great player, but it is also good for payroll. Although pitcher Ray Kerr showed some promise, he is still years out. As well, Roiser was just drafted in 2021, so it is difficult to know if he will indeed play in the big leagues. Following a successful 2021 season, the Mariners needed a move for the present. They did just that.

Mariners Infield Situation

The Mariners acquiring Frazier brings an interesting debacle in the infield. They are set to make Frazier a utility player or second baseman. Abraham Toro, who was acquired mid-season is a big part of the Mariner’s future going forward. He will stay in the infield as well, depending on how the other positions fill out. After landing Frazier, Mariners’ general manager Jerry Dipoto said the team is still working on adding an impact bat and that they are in talks with a notable free agent. It has been speculated that the Mariners have been trying to go after Marcus Semien. In which case, Semien is an infielder too. No matter who the Mariners end up with, the infield is suddenly starting to look crowded.

Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see how the Mariners handle this situation. Not only is Frazier reliable in the infield with a versatile glove, but he can go just about anywhere. This could leave shortstop Dylan Moore out. Moore struggled for the Mariners last season. He only posted a .181 batting average. The Mariners have made it clear that they are trying to get away from hitters who are inconsistent. It has been speculated by media and fans on Saturday that this could be unfortunate for Moore. However, there is a lot of offseason to go and the Mariners have made it clear that they are not done yet.

Mariners Kickstart Their Offseason

The Mariners acquiring Frazier from the Padres kickstarted a potentially active offseason. Overall, this trade should prove to be a good one for the Mariners. Frazier is young, versatile, and does not pose to be a risk. Fans should be pleased with the Mariners’ aggressiveness to start the offseason. Frazier is exactly what this ball club needs. Welcome to Seattle, Adam Frazier. 

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