Javier Baez and Trevor Williams Heading to Mets

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Star shortstop Javier Baez and pitcher Trevor Williams have been traded to the New York Mets.

Javier Baez and Trevor Williams to Mets

Javier Baez publicly stated that he would love to play with Francisco Lindor, and would only move to second base if he’s playing with Lindor. “If I go to free agency, I’d like to play with Francisco Lindor,” Baez said Tuesday during an interview with Mega 106.9 FM. “I loved playing with him in the [2017 World Baseball Classic]. That’s the only option I’d take to play second base.” Javier Baez will likely spend most of his time at second base with the Mets, but until Francisco Lindor comes back from injury he will fill in at shortstop.

Baez has struggled offensively the past couple of years, posting a .248 average this year and a .203 average last year. His defense is still superb though, and it’s hard to imagine many baseballs making it past Baez and Lindor up the middle. Trevor Williams is also a part of this deal. His career ERA is 4.49, and while that is high he provides the Mets some pitching depth that they desperately need.

Cubs Side of the Trade

The Chicago Cubs acquired 19-year-old centerfielder Pete Crow-Armstrong. Armstrong was the Mets’ first-round pick in 2020 and ranked as their fifth-best prospect. Armstrong has only played six professional games due to an injury. He had surgery in May to repair a torn labrum and injured cartilage. In those six games in Single-A, he batted .417 with four RBIs. The good news for the Cubs is that Armstrong’s injury is on his non-throwing shoulder. He is known for his defense and lightning-fast speed. His hitting still needs some work, but he has all the tools needed for success. The ETA for Armstrong is 2023, so he has a while to perfect his skills and become a valuable piece for Chicago.

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