Seattle Mariners Trade for Pitcher Tyler Anderson

Mariners Trade

The Seattle Mariners trade for pitcher Tyler Anderson from the Pittsburgh Pirates. In return, Pittsburgh gets two prospect in catcher Carter Bins and right-handed pitcher Joaquin Tejada. 

Seattle Gets Pitcher Tyler Anderson  

The Mariners have finally made a big trade at the deadline. After dealing Kendall Graveman and Rafael Montero, it was thought the Mariners were either selling or preparing for a massive trade. Tyler Anderson has emerged as their big splash at the deadline. However, this trade by Pittsburgh should not come as a surprise, the team was looking to offload players this deadline after sitting almost 25 games under .500 and last place so far this season. Anderson has been rumoured to move at the deadline, and Seattle has landed him. 

Anderson’s Baseball Career So Far

Anderson is a 31-year-old left-handed pitcher who is in his sixth season. He came up to the big leagues with the Colorado Rockies after being drafted by the team in 2011. He was a first-round selection 20th overall. The hope was that he would emerge as an elite pitcher in the big leagues. Anderson has improved tremendously and has been a solid pitcher in the Pirates rotation. 

Anderson has had his best season in 2021 since his solid first season. Since his rookie season, he struggled through injuries in his elbow and knee. He looks to be healthy now. Currently, Anderson has a .435 ERA in 18 games. The strong lefty uses 5 pitches, including a 4-seam fastball, cutter, changeup, sinker, and curveball. He is a pitcher who could go deep in ball games for the Mariners. He consistently pitches between five and seven innings, giving his team a chance to win by going deep. 

Anderson has not had the opportunity to fully show his talent due to the injuries he has sustained and spending quite a few years in the minor leagues originally. He has seemingly hit his stride. The Mariners have a great duo with Yusei Kikuchi and Chris Flexen. This could add the powerful arm they need to have a very competitive rotation. He should fit right in along the developing rotation the Mariners already have. 

What Comes Next 

Anderson is a dynamic pitcher who could be excellent on the right team. Anderson could produce even more on a team like the Mariners who have an excellent bullpen to back him up. The strength of the Mariners looks to be pitching so far this season. This is a big reason why they are a 1.0 game out of a wildcard spot. He will look to take his great season to Seattle and help them secure their first playoff spot in 20 years. 

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