Francisco Lindor, New York Mets Reportedly Agree to Extension

Francisco Lindor extension

Francisco Lindor reportedly agrees to a contract for 10-years, $341M with the New York Mets late Wednesday night, per Jon Heyman. The Francisco Lindor extension comes less than an hour before his his self imposed deadline. As the hours before Opening Day continued to approach, the hearts of Mets fans began to sink, but the team .

Third-Largest Deal in MLB

On the eve of Opening Day, rumors indicated the two sides weren’t close. Steve Cohen and the Mets offered Lindor a 10-year, $325 million deal. Lindor and agent David Meter countered with 12-years, at $385 million. As it appeared the two sides weren’t close enough, the conversations came to a halt early on Wednesday.

Lindor’s deal with the Mets is the largest in New York Mets history, and it is the third-largest in MLB. Third, to Mike Trout’s 12-year, $430 million, and Mookie Betts’s 12-year, $365 million. Lindor barely edges out Fernando Tatis Jr. in-regards to dollar amount, whose contract came in at 14-years, $340 million.

Francisco Lindor was one of the crown jewels of a historically good shortstop free-agent class in 2022. That is high praise to Lindor, as the class also includes Corey Seager, Trevor Story, Javier Baez, and Carlos Correa. The Met’s deal with Lindor is also the only extension to be handed out to the All-Star cast of shortstops before Opening Day.

The New York Mets needed a super-star like Francisco Lindor, and Queens will welcome him with open arms. Lindor and the talent, smile, and personality he brings with him will thrive in New York. After getting the money he was not offered by the  Cleveland Indians, he can smile with Mets fans in New York. Lindor is here for the long-haul, and the New York Mets’ future is brighter than it has been in a long time.

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