Three Hitters to Keep an Eye On – Fantasy 2021

Fantasy Baseball 2021
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Spring Training can oftentimes give people some good insight into certain player’s abilities. The beginning of this season’s spring training has certainly been no exception. Some players have shown an exceptional amount of potential going into the 2021 season. Three, in particular, stand out from the others. All three of these players have had some pretty notably good seasons in the past. But have never been among the MLB’s top hitters. Here are three hitters to keep an eye on in Fantasy  Baseball 2021.

Joc Pederson – 1B/OF

Since his rookie season, Joc Pederson has spent a good portion of his career with the Los Angeles Dodgers in a platoon role. Oftentimes hitting against only right-handed pitchers. Although being one of the game’s most powerful hitters, cutting down his chances to hit really hurt his accumulated fantasy points in those seasons. In 2019, Pederson had 450 plate appearances. 49 of which were against left-handed pitchers. One big reason he lacked so many at-bats against lefties, is because the Dodgers could utilize Enrique Hernandez to face LHP’s. Now with his signing with the Chicago Cubs, it seems as though he’s done with his platooning days. In 26 at-bats this spring training, Pederson is hitting .500 with five home runs making his OPS at an astonishing 1.755. If Pederson’s power streak can continue on throughout the season the way it is now he could be among the best in  Fantasy baseball 2021.

Joey Gallo – OF

Prior to 2019. Texas Ranger Joey Gallo was known as the strikeout king. Unfortunately for him, not as a pitcher. He did however have 81 home runs between the two seasons. In 2019 Joey Gallo made the AL All-Star team before suffering an injury in the second half of the season. In 70 games he hit 22 home runs and hit a career-high .253. This spring training, Joey Gallo is hitting .348 and has smashed five home runs. It’s safe to assume that after having a slump season in 2020, Gallo has returned as strong as ever. It may be unlikely that his average stays high for very long but his home run count sure will not. It’s important to keep an eye on Joey Gallo.

Corey Seager – SS

Los Angeles Dodgers‘ 2020 World Series MVP Corey Seager has been on a hot streak early this season. At the time of this writing, he is 12 for 26 (.462). He also has five home runs which are tied for the most in Spring Training. Adding these recent stats to his past dominance in the league, it’s certain he’ll be as good as ever. In 2020 Seager hit .307 and is a career .296 career hitter. He is easily among the best shortstops in baseball averaging around 28 home runs per 162 game set. It’s safe to say that Seager is one player that all managers must keep an eye on going into the 2021 season.

It is important to use the next couple of weeks as a time to scout out potential draft candidates in the upcoming 2021 season. The previous three hitters are prime examples of players to keep an eye on. From generational talent who has suffered multiple injuries, to an inconsistent hitter, and finally to a former platoon player, these three players could be showing early signs of being some of 2021’s best hitters. This makes them three hitters to keep an eye on, going into the Fantasy Baseball 2021 season.

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