Three Outfielders that are Sleeper Picks

Three Outfield Sleeper Picks
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The outfield positions have always been known for their great offensive stars. Going into the 2021 season, three great outfielders remain under the radars of many. These players can be snagged in the middle rounds and could have a big impact on any team. Each is slept on for their own respective reasons but it’s hard to argue that they’re great hitters. Here are three outfield sleeper picks.

Teoscar Hernandez

Teoscar Hernandez was traded to the Toronto Blue Jays in late 2017. He hadn’t seen much playing time in Houston and was sure to be happier on a rebuilding Blue Jays. The following two years he played more than 125 games and averaged 24 home runs per season. Even though his power numbers were above average, his contact numbers really struggled only hitting around the .230 mark in each campaign. In 2020 however, Hernandez let his potential shine and hit .289 with 16 home runs in 50 games. He was recognized for his great offensive season with a Silver Slugger award. Even though he received this award, it’s possible that he will slip into the middle rounds of a draft. Hitting behind the Blue Jays best talents in 2021 his numbers are sure to increase a ton. Hernandez is an excellent outfield sleeper pick going into 2021.

Alex Verdugo

In terms of production, Alex Verdugo is the opposite of Teoscar Hernandez. Verdugo hit .308 in 2020 and has a career average of .290. However, he has only hit 20 home runs in his short career. It’s safe to say that his offensive numbers are in fact weak. Nothing says that can not change. Now that he’s playing with the  Boston Red Sox it may be easy for him to hook balls around the pesky pole and increase his power numbers. Especially since he’s a left-handed hitter. Verdugo also hits a solid amount of doubles, and as seen with Jose Ramirez in 2018, with a couple of adjustments those doubles can easily turn into home runs. It’s safe to say Verdugo is a certified sleeper pick. Picking Verdugo early in the middle parts of a draft would certainly benefit any team. 

Yordan Alvarez

2019 Rookie of the Year YordanAlvarez, unfortunately, missed all of the 2020 season after a tear in his right knee. Even though he missed out on a whole season it seems as though many forgot how dominant he really was in his rookie season. In 2019, Alvarez hit .313 while hitting 27 home runs in only 87 games. He also posted up an insane 1.067 OPS. He did however struggle in the postseason of 2019 which may be why some forget about this amazing season. Alvarez also hit extremely well in the Minor Leagues and could still be as dominant in 2021. The Houston Astros lineup is still very stacked and he could really rack up on the RBI upon return. At his rate, Yordan could be one of the game’s best hitters in the near future and would be a snag in any fantasy draft.

Drafting in fantasy baseball is harder than most sports since it’s the most random one. It truly is uncertain how well a player will do until the season has passed. Might as well take a couple of safe gambles in the draft and see how well the picks turn out to be. The previous players mentioned still slip under most radars and have the potential to be some of the league’s best players in 2021. Making them three outfield sleeper picks.

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