Tony La Russa Pleads Guilty to Reckless Driving

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Charges Announced for Tony La Russa in Wreckless Driving Case

Monday, Chicago White Sox skipper Tony La Russa plead guilty in court to wreckless driving. The Chicago Tribune had the entire story here. Furthermore, it all steams from the incident which took place in Arizona in February of this year. Additionally, the announcement came following a plea hearing which took place in the Phoenix.

La Russa was served a $1,300 dollar fine, will have to do 20 hours of community service, and spend one day in jail at home.

The news regarding La Russa’s DUI came on the heels of him being hired as skipper of the White Sox. He was officially named skipper on October 30th.

Tony La Russa Responds

On a conference call Monday with reporters, La Russa said “I brought this on myself. I feel a deep remorse and regret over what I did.” The 76-year-old went onto say “Obviously I displayed bad judgement that night in February. I am grateful for the White Sox for standing by me, even though this happened before they hired me.”

Furthermore, La Russa went onto say “My family, friends, and I think starting out in Chicago, I’ve let the fans down.” He goes onto add “I think about fans in Oakland and St. Louis, many of them became friends, and now starting again in Chicago, it’s not the way I wanted to start my relationship the second time around.”

In 2007, as skipper with the St. Louis Cardinals, Tony La Russa was arrested for driving under the influence in Florida.

Chicago White Sox Respond

Following the conference call, the Chicago White Sox responded with a message of their own.

The team stated “With today’s announcement, Tony La Russa accepted responsibility and has been held legally accountable for his poor behavior and the questionable choices he made last February. The White Sox understand the anger and concern expressed by some about hiring Tony under these circumstances.”

As a first-year manager, La Russa needs to make a good impression. Obviouly, this is not a good start. However, La Russa has taken accountability and now must move forward in regards to this.

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