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Baseball Nicknames

The MLB season will soon be coming to a close. A new champion will be crowned and the offseason circus will begin. However, not long after the season ends, Halloween will be here. For fun, we’ve assembled a team full of scary and spooky nicknames appropriate for All Hallows’ Eve. There is a player for each position and three pitchers as well. Over the history of the game, we have seen a lot of colorful baseball nicknames. So, turn down the lights and turn up the creepy music. Here is the list of MLB’s All-Time Halloween Nickname List.


Harmon Killebrew ”Killer” (First Base)

The man known as ”Killer”, Harmon Killebrew is arguably one of the greatest to ever play the game. A Hall of Famer and excellent hitter, the former Minnesota Twins first baseman deserves a spot on any all-time list. His monster home runs combined with the first four letters of his last name earned him the moniker of ”Killer.”

Creepy Crespi (Second Base)

Frank Angelo Joseph Crespi’s MLB career is a short one. He played in only 264 games over a five-year career with the St. Louis Cardinals. However, it doesn’t stop him from owning one of the coolest nicknames in MLB history. Apparently, the name was given to him by a sportswriter who commented on the way Crespi ”creeped” up on the ball and because he ran low to the ground.

Richie Hebner ”Gravedigger” (Third Base)

Richie Hebner owns a pretty decent 18-year MLB career. He played for four different teams from 1968-1985, mostly for the Pittsburgh Pirates. However, he is perhaps best known for his appropriate nickname ”Gravedigger.” During the offseason, Hebner worked at his family’s cemetery literally digging graves. Of all the winter jobs, Richie’s is perhaps the most unusual for any MLB player.

Wally Gerber ”Spooks” (Shortstop)

Due to his skeleton-like frame, Wally Gerber owns the nickname ”Spooks.” He weighed only 150 pounds during his playing days and was known as a slick fielder despite committing 439 errors in his 15-year career.

Bill Dickey ”Man Nobody Knows” (Catcher)

Bill Dickey, according to his teammates, is known for being aloof and a bit bland. As a result, Dickey is the ”Man Nobody Knows.” Making the list for the simple fact that the nickname itself is spooky, conjuring up an image of a stranger coming to town and wreaking havoc.


Jayson Werth ”Werewolf”

At six-foot-five, weighing 235 pounds and sporting a bushy brown beard with shoulder-length hair, Jayson Werth certainly looks the part of a ”Werewolf.” Also, former teammate Jonathan Papelbon dubbed Werth the ”D.C. Strangler” which is also appropriate for this list.

Jo-Jo Moore ”The Gause Ghost”

Jo-Jo Moore was the leadoff hitter for the New York Giants throughout the 1930s. The five-time All-Star and three-time World Series champion is known as ”The Gause Ghost.” The ”Ghost” nicknames perhaps comes from the way Moore robbed opponents of hits. His hometown of Gause, Texas was added by a sportswriter and the name stuck.

Reggie Jackson ”Mr. October”

While the name itself isn’t scary, it’s impossible to keep Reggie Jackson off the list as he has October in his nickname. Jackson is ”Mr. October” mainly for his heroics in the World Series. In five Series appearances, Jackson has five home runs, 24 RBI and a .357 BA. Absolutely terrifying for opposing pitchers.


Dick Radatz ”The Monster”

A powerful pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, Dick Radatz’s physique gives him the appropriate nickname ”The Monster.” Standing six-foot-five and weighing 230 pounds, Radatz certainly looked the part. Supposedly, Yankees great Mickey Mantle gave Radatz the nickname after striking out 12 times in 16 at-bats against him.

Jim Coates ”Mummy”

As a result of his gloomy demeanor on the field, former Yankees pitcher Jim Coates is known as ”Mummy.” Or, perhaps it’s because he was well-known for throwing at opposing hitters. Either way, there’s definitely a spot for a ”Mummy” on the list.

Mike Myers

A player with a name so scary that no nickname is needed. Mike Myers brings up images of the main character in the Halloween movie franchise. That alone earns Myers a spot on the list.


There it is, MLBs All-Time Halloween Nickname Team. Without a doubt, there are some scary names for the upcoming spooky season.  While enjoying your Halloween treats, we hope you enjoy a look into some of the creepiest nicknames baseball has to offer. One thing is for sure, MLB has no shortage of colorful characters and nicknames appropriate for any season.

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