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Punishments Announced Following Yankees-Rays Incident

Aaron Boone

Pitcher Aroldis Chapman, New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone, and Tampa Bay Rays manager Kevin Cash received suspensions from MLB Wednesday. The punishments stem from Tuesday night’s game where the benches cleared following the final out of the game.

Chapman received three games while Boone and Cash each got one game. All three men received fines, and Boone and Cash will serve their suspensions during Wednesday night’s series rubber match.

The Incident

While tensions have seemingly built between these two clubs over the years, Tuesday was the tipping point. Masahiro Tanaka hit Joey Wendle in the first inning. In the ninth inning, Chapman had a 101 mph fastball sail over the head of Mike Brosseau.

The umpires convened, eventually issuing a warning. Cash took issue with the actions as he willingly accepted an ejection to approach the umpires for an explanation. After the final out, words were exchanged and the benches cleared.

Chapman did not address the media after the game, but Tanaka did although his hit by pitch was not brought up. Cash feels that both incidents were intentional.

“They hit Joey Wendle intentionally in the first inning,” Cash said. “It was clear as day. Chapman comes in, he throws three balls up and in.”

Cash’s punishment stems from his ejection as well as the his comments after the game where he doubled down on the Yankees behavior and the umpires’ handling of the situation.

“It’s poor judgement,” Cash said. “Poor coaching. It’s just poor teaching, what they’re doing, and what they’re allowing to do.”

Cash added that he has a “stable full of guys that throw 98 miles an hour.”

Aaron Boone declined to discuss the incident at the time, but he did express his opinion that the Rays will not throw at the Yankees moving forward.

Aaron Boone Reaction

Boone addressed the media Wednesday afternoon, stating that he understands the process and accepts his suspension even though he does not agree with it. For now he wants to move on.

“Hopefully this is something that can all be behind us, and it can be about two good teams going at it on the field,” said Boone.

He declined to comment on the fact that he and Cash received the same suspension, although he acknowledged that he did not like what Cash said. He hopes to see tensions ease and the focus return to the game on the field.

“I’m not going to get into judging the other side’s suspension,” Boone said. “Hopefully moving forward cooler heads can prevail and it can be about playing baseball.”

Bench coach Carlos Mendoza will manage the Yankees while Boone serves his suspension.

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