Adam Wainwright’s Part in the Cardinals Organization

Adam Wainwright
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Most players call a few teams home over their MLB career, but Adam Wainwright has been a St. Louis Cardinals pitcher from the very start. Currently in his 15th season wearing the birds on the bat, his appearances on the mound always get everyone talking.

In 2019, the Cardinals and Adam Wainwright agreed on a one-year contract for the 2020 season. This right-handed pitcher is 38, turning 39 at the end of August. Most likely, Wainwright is towards the end of his career due to his “old” age in the baseball world. However, he has shocked Cardinals Nation and baseball fans countless times before, so who’s to say this is for sure Wainwright’s last year.

Wainwright’s First 2020 Start

While the 2020 season is only just underway, Wainwright’s one start has everyone excited about what is to come. He is second in the rotation and took on the Pittsburgh Pirates for his first appearance on the mound this shortened season. Wainwright, called “Waino” by many teammates and fans, went six innings into the game.

Despite his rocky second inning where he walked in a run, his performance was exceptional. Fortunately, the walk resulting in a run was his only walk of the game. He offset his walk with five strikeouts. He gave up three hits and one run; a solid outing to start off the season.

These stats were recorded over his 83 pitches. Based on past season starts, manager Mike Schildt would have Wainwright continue into the seventh inning. However, with a short summer camp, Shidlt erred on the side of caution. As Waino recorded his first win of the season, he improved his career record to 163-95.

So far, Wainwright has favored his fastball the most. This is no surprise as his fastball has been his most utilized pitch since his first season in 2005. During his start on Saturday, he was hitting 91 MPH regularly with that pitch. Along with the fastball he utilized, he also threw his fair share of cutters, curveballs, and changeups across his six innings pitched.

Pitching in the Past

Adam Wainwright is looking sharp this season, but has, rightfully so, had his ups and downs throughout his pitching career. 2019 was a reviving season for this beloved St. Louis icon. After going 14-10 and overall being “on his game”, it was clear that his chances of staying to pitch in St. Louis were very high. His promising 2019 season was vital after he started only eight games in 2018 due to being on the injured list multiple times.

Wainwright’s Legacy

After Wainwright’s start on Saturday, he ties with Bob Forsch for the third-most wins in the Cardinals organization. He is on the pitching leader boards within the club for many other things: WAR for pitchers, games played, innings pitched, and strikeouts to name a few.

Adam Wainwright’s name is heavily noted throughout the Cardinals and will be around for much longer than he is. With the word always buzzing about Wainwright’s retirement, there is also talk about the team Hall of Fame. If his first start of the 2020 season proves nothing else, perhaps it is that he should own a red suit one day.

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