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Why a 60-Game Season Benefits the Cincinnati Reds

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Why a 60-Game Season Benefits the Cincinnati Reds

A 60-game season isn’t ideal. However, with these unfortunate circumstances causing the season to be shortened, the Cincinnati Reds are in a great position. While there was a lot to like about the Reds for the 2020 campaign, this 60-game stretch will help them tremendously. This team will be well suited for this unique season. This article will highlight why the Reds will be fine in 2020.

Strong and Durable Pitching

Coming into the season, Cincinnati has one of the best rotations in baseball. When a rotation consists of Luis Castillo, Trevor Bauer, Sonny Gray, and Wade Miley, then that team should be able to match up well against any other rotation. They are also are built for a postseason series. That means every series in 2020 will be crucial and they will have an advantage. With the 30-man roster to begin 2020, the Reds a chance to start with a six-man rotation. That keep pitchers healthy and save some arms in the bullpen come the playoffs. That could help the Reds get off to a hot start. That could also give them a great chance to make the postseason.

Once it goes down to 26 men on the team, Cincinnati will still be in good shape. They not only have they constructed a strong bullpen, but also will have arms who could go multiple innings. That could still save some arms for the playoffs. Tyler Mahle is a good example of that as he is a starter, but could become a valuable member in the bullpen as a long reliever going three, four, or even five innings. There’s a lot to like about the Reds’ pitching staff as it’s strong and it’s durable.

Strong Offense

Even before the season started, Cincinnati was touted for having a lot of thump in their lineup. What helps them even more is the size of Great American Ballpark as a lot of home runs will be hit. Not only will these guys get hits and drive in a lot of runs, they’ll be getting on base a lot. Players like Shogo Akiyama and Joey Votto should have high on-base percentages this season.

However, having players like Eugenio Suarez and Nick Senzel being joined by Nicholas Castellanos and Mike Moustakas, this team should mash and also help other batters on the team like Tucker Barnhart and Freddy Galvis get pitches to hit. Expect the Reds to drive in many runs in 2020. That being said, the team has one of the easiest schedules in baseball and could feast off opponents pitching who will struggle. The club has to take advantage of pitching corps likely to struggle. If so, then those 60 games played will be easier to win.

Many Designated Hitter Options

An article earlier had been written about the options Cincinnati has at DH, but the team has been constructed for this. With this temporary rule change and it possibly becoming permanent, the Reds should adjust quite well. In fact, they should be one of the more prepared National League teams for the DH. The team won’t be panicking with how to use the DH. With someone like Jesse Winker most likely to get the most at-bats at DH, the team can rotate many players in and out depending on many factors. The depth and versatility of the team can allow manager David Bell to put whoever in the DH slot in the lineup as that should give the club more offense in what is already a potent one.


The Reds not only are well prepared for the DH, but they also have versatility on the team. That allows Bell to move players all over the field and at DH, which makes things so much easier. The depth that the team has should help keep them if injuries occur or give players a day off. It’s nice to have a player like Kyle Farmer who can not only play in the field and DH, but also can DH. Then there is another player like Alex Blandino, who can play all over the field. While there is no true backup first baseman to Votto, the team has options for who can play there. Bell has a team that will allow him to get creative with his lineup and his game-time decisions. This will also help the team to be more fresh and healthy come the playoffs.

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