2019 World Series Teams Cancel Team Workouts Monday

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Washington Nationals and Houston Astros Cancel Team Workouts

The Washington Nationals and Houston Astros announced that they cancelled their team workouts for Monday. This comes after it was revealed that both teams had experienced delays with getting the results from their COVID-19 tests. Both teams underwent the testing process on Friday but are still awaiting the results. Jeff Passan of ESPN was the first with the news on the Washington Nationals.

Jake Kaplan, who covers the Astros for The Athletic, was the first with that angle of the story.

The fact that two teams have cancelled their workouts because of these delays is a problem. After all, players were guaranteed that they would be kept safe this season with consistent testing. If these problems continue, then it’s only going to cause players to not trust the MLB.

Additionally, if the problem continues, then it could seriously hinder the future of baseball in 2020. Teams will not want to continue putting their players at risk of catching the virus without having the safety net that the testing provides.

Washington Nationals and Houston Astros Issue Statements

Following the news, Washington Nationals General Manager and President of Baseball Operations Mike Rizzo issued a statement. Mark Feinsand of MLB.com released the statement first.

Additionally, the Houston Astros responded with a statement of their own. Chandler Rome with the Houston Chronicle had it on Twitter.

Other Teams Face Uncertainty Regarding Testing

Besides the Washington Nationals and Houston Astros, other teams have faced uncertainty regarding COVID-19 testing as well. First of all, the Los Angeles Angels have pushed their Monday workouts back due to the delay in getting the results. Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic was the first to report this.

In addition, the Oakland Athletics are yet another team in jeopardy awaiting results from last week’s round of COVID-19 tests. Athletics General Manager David Forst wrote a statement expressing his feelings to players and staff yesterday. Alex Coffey, who covers the A’s for The Athletic, wrote about that Sunday night.


In the end, it’s unknown whether these delays are simply because of the July Fourth holiday weekend or because this is such a new process. After all, whenever a new process is implemented, it takes time to work out all of the kinks. Having said that, this is something that must get under control sooner than later. The MLB realizes that, as do the players, and now is the time to ensure that it doesn’t happen anymore. If it continues, then baseball in 2020 may very well end before the regular season even begins.

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