Latest on Negotiations Between the MLB and MLB Players Association

MLB Negotiation

MLB and MLB Players Association Conversations Result in Significant News

This afternoon, the Associated Press revealed important details in negotiations between MLB and the MLB Players Association. Of course, the negotiations are in reference to the multiple attempts that have been made to start the 2020 season. The news was first reported in the tweet below.

This news comes a few days after the latest proposal from owners back to the players. In that proposal, the season would have lasted 72 games. In addition, it would have enacted a taxi squad to give team’s 60 players total during the season and relied on prorated salary. If the regular season went through as normal, 70% of players salaries would have been prorated. If the postseason went on, then that amount would rise to 80%.

A day after the proposal was introduced to both sides, the MLB Players Association immediately rejected it. Instead of continuing negotiations, the players wanted the MLB and owners to tell them exactly when the season would start as well as where. Following that, came the news and discouragement from Commissioner Rob Manfred today.

Commissioner Manfred’s Latest Comment

During an interview today with ESPN, Commissioner Rob Manfred weighed in with his feelings on the probability of a season starting. Jeff Passan of ESPN was the first to report this part of the story on Twitter.

Last week on Wednesday at the start of the MLB Draft, Commissioner Manfred said publicly that he was “100% confident” that the season would happen. Now, with his latest comment there is a lot of discouragement across baseball among fans and players alike.

According to the agreement established between both parties on March 26th, Commissioner Manfred is now in charge. The Commissioner has the ability to institute a season of any length and would work with both sides to establish what the schedule would look like. Furthermore, both sides would continue talks regarding health and safety protocols.

In many regards, if that happened, the expectation was that the season would likely be between 48-60 games in length. Although, the MLB Players Association would most likely follow up with a grievance thus further complicating things.

For now, the hope is that discussions continue regarding what the 2020 season looks like. However, the biggest question is: will it happen at all? That’s the question everyone is trying to answer right now especially Commissioner Rob Manfred.

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