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As far as power bats from the left side of the plate are concerned, it’s hard to argue there’s a higher potential prospect than high schooler Zac Veen out of Spruce Creek, Florida. The 18-year-old outfielder has a strong chance of being the first high school player off the draft board. This is an unusual year where seniors have had little chance to prove themselves. The Perfect Game and Under Armour All-American who was committed to the University of Florida is projected to go within the first ten picks while he is currently the seventh-best prospect, according to


Standing 6’4″ and 190 pounds Veen’s size is the first thing that jumps out at you as a tall player who will continue to develop his power as he adds mass. When you watch his at-bats the raw power is obvious. There are few prospects who can compete with the way the ball comes off his bat. Scouts have his power listed as above average (55) while his overall hitting received an even higher score (60). Veen is the perfect example of a player who passes “the eye test” with as sweet of a swing as you can find from the left side and phenomenal bat speed.

According to Perfect Game, Zac Veen has an FB Velocity of 83, OF Velocity of 92, and an impressive Exit Velocity of 99. He is a very athletic player who gets through the ball with his hips consistently and has quick hands. Scouts rave about his ability to extend out in front of the ball resulting in the extreme power he produces.

Major League teams are attracted to Veen’s raw potential that can be molded during his time in the minors. He is overwhelmingly considered to have one of the highest floor/ceiling combinations with lots of room to grow. Veen played center field in high school, but projects as a corner outfielder in the future due to his power at the plate and quality arm strength.


When it comes to the plate, there are very few, if any weaknesses to point to in Veen’s offensive game. Although he is not the fastest runner in his class by any means, he certainly is not slow. This could likely result in his move from center field to a more suitable corner outfield spot due to a lack of range.

You could point towards his weight and lack of muscle as a weakness. At the same time scouts view it as an opportunity for growth if he adds mass in the coming years. Imagine the power we could be talking about for arguably the top power hitter in this class if he added 20 pounds or so to his frame.

MLB Comparison

In this case, the comparison practically writes itself, although the expectations are certainly high if you’re going to make them. Zac Veen’s swing from the left side is strikingly similar to Cody Bellinger from his quick hands to his follow-through. They have similar dimensions as well with the same height. Bellinger weighs about 15 more pounds which Veen could easily put on in the future. They’ve played the same positions while Bellinger has more wheels to allow him to play center. Veen will most likely find himself in right or possibly first base later down the line.

Ultimately, there are few prospects in this draft with as much offensive upside as Veen. Especially when you consider the most valued asset in Major League Baseball these days, power. He has the type of swing that should play at any level from the left side of the plate which adds tremendous upside and lineup versatility. Zac Veen is an elite offensive prospect whose ceiling is through the roof if he can put it all together at the highest level.

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