2020 Major League Baseball World Series Odds

John Altobelli

2020 Major League Baseball World Series Odds

Now that the Winter meetings have concluded and several big-name players have inked new contracts the 2020 Major League Baseball World Series odds have been updated. Betting on sports and especially online sports betting has become more popular every year. With the popularity in sports betting increasing every year so have the more exotic types of betting.

Online sports betting has become so popular that it just makes sense to make it legal in every state. For one, you can simply make bets from the comfort of your own home or pretty much anywhere you want. All you need is WIFI and some sort of way to add funds to a website. Additionally using online sports betting would be totally legal and a bettor would lose money it has and not a credit line.

Exotic bets include futures such as Division, Pennant and World Series winners. In addition to team wagers, individual player performances such as MVP or Cy Young winners are increasing in popularity. The odds on these types of wagers do change often depending on player acquisitions or injuries. So when you make your wager is just as important as who you bet on.

For example, the New York Yankees vaulted into the World Series favorite after the signing of free-agent starting pitcher Gerrit Cole. While teams like the Houston Astros and the defending World Series Champion Washington Nationals saw their odds take a dip after losing key players. The offseason still has several key free agents and the hot stove is cooking with lots of trade rumors that these odds can and certainly will change.

As a bettor, you can also simply drop dollars on some sensible long shots with tasty odds for a big payday. A team such as the San Diego Padres who have talent and are looking to make more improvements currently reside at +4000. So a $100 dollar bet on the Padres winning the World Series will win you $4,000 dollars. By betting the Padres today locks you into those odds to matter what happens after that point.

World Series Favorites for Online Sports Betting

New York Yankees

With the signing of Cole now complete the Yankees are the clear favorite to win the World Series. The Yankees are a team that has come close the last three seasons and are now prepared to do anything to bring a championship to the Bronx. The current odds are +350 with a $100.00 dollar wager winning you $350.00.

Houston Astros

The Houston Astros just lost the World Series in seven games and have lost one of their two-headed ace pitchers in Gerrit Cole. So naturally, their odds have slipped. But not by as much as you would think, The Astros are still very talented and could still sign a good pitcher to replace Cole. However, the cheating accusations are still swirling over the Astros organization. This could linger into the 2020 season and be a major distraction. The Astros odds are at +600.

Los Angeles Dodgers

The Los Angeles Dodgers have not lost any players to free agency. Having won the National League Western Division for seven straight seasons the Dodgers show no signs of slowing down. This team is loaded with talent and despite one of their top starters in Hyun-Jin Ryu still a free agent the Dodgers have the prospects to take his place. If free-agent signing Blake Treinen returns to form the Dodgers will be a very dangerous team. The Dodgers are currently +600.

Atlanta Braves

The Atlanta Braves have won the National League Eastern Divison the last two seasons but have seen early exits from the playoffs. The Braves have made moves to improve their team for the 2020 season and could still have more planned. At +1200 this is a good value bet. Any additional improvements will only lower your potential winnings.

Washington Nationals

The defending champion Washington Nationals currently sit at +1200. They did re-sign World Series MVP pitcher Stephen Strasburg but lost star third basemen, Anthony Rendon. The Nationals are currently looking at all available options to replace Rendon. But that great starting rotation which was the key to winning the World Series is still intact.

New York Mets

The New York Mets do have lots of talent. If not for a very faulty bullpen they would have been one of the Wild Card teams in 2019. Could you imagine if the Nationals had to beat the two time defending Cy Young winner Jacob deGrom in a win or go home game? The Mets are a super enticing bet because of the pending change in ownership which could at any given moment raise the payroll. It was announced yesterday that Yoenis Cespedes contract was restructured to save the Mets 20 million dollars. This money could be used to shore up that bullpen or improve other weak spots. At +2000 these are odds that will surely change and it could be a wise move to lay down some cash on the Mets.

There are other teams in the +1600 to +2500 range. While these are all good baseball teams each of them needs additional improvements to be a serious World Series contender. But all are worthy of a wager.

Big Value Picks for Online Sports Betting

San Diego Padres

The Padres were mentioned above as a value pick. This is a team that is very talented with more players in the minors yet to come.

Los Angeles Angels

The Los Angeles Angels struck out on Gerrit Cole but did land Anthony Rendon. When you pair Rendon with the best player in the game in Mike Trout there is no team with as dynamic a one-two punch as the Halos now have. But still, the need for an upgrade in the starting rotation is crucial to the success of this team. The Angels are +4000.

Chicago White Sox

The Chicago White Sox are another team turning into a contending team. Now that the young nucleus is finally tasting Major League success the White Sox are now starting to bring in the missing pieces. As the Winter meetings concluded there were rumors of a big blockbuster trade between the White Sox and the Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox are looking to dump some salary which means impact players could be heading to the South Side. The White Sox are currently +4000 but a big trade will change those odds.

Texas Rangers

The Texas Rangers are a super value pick. After failing to sign Cole and Rendon the Rangers are willing to spend money. They are moving into a new stadium for the upcoming season and they are desperate to put a contending team on the field. The Rangers are currently +8000. 

That’s Gambling

Once you get into the five-figure odds teams you have to really have some big ones to lay money on these teams. Realistically these teams have little to no chance of winning the World Series. But hey if you want to gamble and drop a $100 on a +75000 Baltimore Orioles team to win it all you could put a down payment on a house with the 75K you just won.

Sports betting in Pennsylvania and New Jersey is now legal and additionally in a few select places in upstate New York. However, for those who live in the New York City area, the casinos in Pennsylvania and New Jersey are shorter drives. New York prohibits online sports betting betting using phones or other devices and also prohibits betting on in-state college teams such as Syracuse University. But New York is working towards allowing all forms of sports betting.

DISCLAIMER: LWOS INC and LWOB do not offer guarantees on MLB predictions. Please remember to always gamble legally and responsibly.