Philadelphia Phillies Acquire Corey Dickerson from Pittsburgh Pirates

Corey Dickerson

The Pittsburgh Pirates have traded Corey Dickerson to the Philadelphia Phillies. There has been no word yet on what the Phillies will get in return.

Philadelphia Phillies Acquire Corey Dickerson from Pittsburgh Pirates

Dickerson’s Career

This is Dickerson’s seventh year in the league, and the Phillies will become his fourth team. He spent three years with the Colorado Rockies, two years with the Tampa Bay Rays, and two years with the Pirates.

Dickerson began his career with the Rockies in 2013. During his three years with the Rockies, Dickerson tallied a .299 batting average, 39 home runs, and 124 RBI.

Dickerson was playing some of his best baseball in his time with the Rays. In Tampa Bay, he batted .264 with 51 home runs and 132 RBI. His highest home run total would come with the Rays in 2017 (27).

Dickerson has made one All-Star appearance and received one Gold Glove award, which occurred 2018. While he has yet to make the postseason, his seven years worth of experience has made him a valuable asset.

What to Expect From Dickerson

In 2019, Dickerson is batting .317 with four home runs and 25 RBI. Not only is he solid at the plate, but Dickerson is also a great fielder. As a result, he has committed no more than two errors in a full season since 2017.

Due to Dickerson’s experience, he can play multiple positions in the outfield. This versatility will be beneficial for a Phillies team that has been plagued with injuries. Dickerson has also played a lot at the DH role, so he can be helpful in that spot when it comes to playing teams in the AL.

The best part about Dickerson is his consistency when he is not bogged down by injuries. He has only batted below .280 two times in his career (not including this year). And when it comes to OBP, he has only been below .300 one time.


Dickerson has dealt with injuries and experienced slumps as any player would. But when healthy, he is a consistent player that can come through in the clutch when his team needs it. He is a solid outfielder, and Phillies’ fans should be excited to see him play.

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