The Arizona Diamondbacks Have a Decision to Make

Everybody in baseball knows what time of the year it is — the July 31st trade deadline. At this time of year, teams are either buyers or sellers. The Arizona Diamondbacks, like several other teams in the Wild Card chase, must decide what they are going to do.

The Arizona Diamondbacks Have a Decision to Make

Buy, Sell, or Stay?

Most of the talk regarding the Diamondbacks has been interesting. No one seems to know what they are going to do. Currently, they are only two games out of the second Wild Card spot. The team could go for a combination of buying and selling to improve their chances at a playoff appearance. Or they could even decide to stand pat, not making any major moves, and take their chances with the team that got them where they are.

What the Arizona Diamondbacks Need If They Buy

The Diamondbacks have some holes to fill if they want to have a chance to make a deep playoff run. They need a starting pitcher, an outfielder, and another reliever. They need to fill at least one or two of these holes, if not all three, to be able to stay in the Wild Card race.

Adam Jones and Jarrod Dyson have been slumping the past few weeks, so the extra bat will be needed. A bullpen addition is necessary given the inconsistency from everyone in the relief core. A starter is also needed since Luke Weaver will not be back until late in the season, and many are saying Taijuan Walker will not return this year. However, it seems all the teams in the Wild Card chase need starting and bullpen help, so the Diamondbacks may find it hard to fill these needs.

Rumors Will Be Widespread

Rumors have already started, but count on more to come until the trade deadline ends. And, we all know rumors of trades and deals could have a negative effect on players and the clubhouse, causing a loss of focus. The players have to accept that there is nothing they can do. For the most part, it’s out of their control, so hopefully there is no reason to put any energy into it. The players’ focus needs to remain on the field and their goal of a playoff spot. They need to win to stay in the race.

The Game Is Hard Enough

The game is hard enough just competing against teams in the Wild Card race without adding possible distractions due to the mention of trade talks. These rumors will make the game even more difficult for players and it will ultimately show on the field. One thing that is clear, the players must commit and control their emotions, and focus on winning and staying in the playoff race.

These players need to leave the decisions up to the front office as they try to search for possible trade opportunities. Chances are they are going to be receiving many calls about players they have, as well as about players they will be offered.

Waiting to See What Happens

The Diamondbacks are trying to both contend and build up their minor league system. So it is possible they could both buy and sell simultaneously. Whether they are busy as buyers or sellers, or even quiet at the deadline, the front-office will certainly be fielding many calls as they make those decisions.

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