Jose Ramirez Bouncing Back For Cleveland Indians

Jose Ramirez

The past few years we have seen Jose Ramirez be one of the top players in all of baseball. However, for the first half of the 2019 season, many were worried that we had seen his time run out. As of late, he is right back to his old self. As a result, the Indians are red hot over the last month.

Jose Ramirez Finding Old Form

Inside Ramirez’ Bat

While his batting average may have taken a big dip this year, his plate discipline never did. With only 51 strikeouts to date, Jose has done a fantastic job of being smart at the plate. According to Fangraphs, he only swings at 27% of balls outside of the strike zone, and he makes contact with said pitches 80% of the time.

This is not to say Ramirez hasn’t had his woes this season. Between not being able to hit the curve early, to pulling everything, he’s had his low-points. However, the fact that he has only had 51 strikeouts proves that he is getting his bat on the ball. In the entire month of June he only struck out five times, and it just so happens that’s when things started to click for Ramirez.

In the month of July, Ramirez is batting .328. I contribute his success this past month to the fact that he is finally going with what the pitcher gives him. Will he continue on this path? I don’t see why not! Jose has finished in the top three of the MVP voting in each of the last two seasons. This is how good Jose Ramirez really is, not that guy we saw to start the season.

What Does This Mean For Cleveland?

Ramirez is a staple of this Cleveland batting order. The Indians have lacked a clean-up hitter all season. If and when Ramirez keeps this up, they will be able to move him up to that 4th spot. Frankie, Oscar, Carlos, and Ramirez comprise a playoff-caliber 1-4.

With Ramirez catching stride and the Twins struggling, Cleveland is set up to make a legitimate run at the division title. However, the month of August is brutal for the Indians. They have the Astros, Red Sox, Twins, and Yankees. We will finally get to see if these Indians have what it takes to be a real playoff team this year. To be the best, you have to beat the best.

Future With the Indians

Ramirez is under contract until 2023, with a very friendly club contract. At only 26 years old, we are about to see Ramirez start to reach his peak. If the Indians can resign Lindor, they will have two of the best players in baseball for the next few seasons, something that doesn’t happen in a city like Cleveland very often.

On top of everything else, Indians fans love nothing more than Ramirez responding with seemingly the only English he knows “Home-run pitch”.

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