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Cole Hamels Reaches Milestone for Chicago Cubs — But Hold the Celebration

Cole Hamels

Imagine that feeling when you’re going to have a party and all of your friends are coming over. You’re cooking out and the food and drinks are ready to eat. You’ve done your part. All there is to do now is wait for people to start showing up. Except nobody does because your wife forgot to send out invitations. The celebration must be put on hold. Where’s the help when you need it? That must be how Cole Hamels feels.

Cole Hamels Reaches Milestone

Cole Hamels was all set up for celebration as he struck out Ivan Nova, making him the 10th lefty ever to record 2,500 strikeouts and the 38th pitcher overall in history to reach the milestone.

“It’s a special moment,” the 14-year veteran Hamels said. “I obviously want to keep continuing and doing it as long as I possibly can.” (MLB Chicago)

Hamels struck out eight over seven strong innings. Lately, Hamels has been nearly untouchable. Over the last four games, he has a 0.31 ERA. Although dominant in tonight’s game, it will go down as a no-decision, leaving no time to celebrate.

Pedro Strop came in relief and gave up a two-run home run to Eloy Jimenez in the ninth. The Cubs lost to the White Sox 3-1, making it their sixth loss in eight games.

No Help

“We’ve got to score more than one run. That’s a nice play (Jimenez’s homer) and everything, but we’ve got to score more than one run,” said manager Joe Maddon of Tuesday’s loss. “That’s the tale of the tape tonight. They got us late. But we just have to do a better job offensively.” (WGNTV)

Over the last 8 games, the Cubs have failed to score more than three runs in all but one game in a 10-1 win over the Rockies. You can’t ask Hamels to pitch any better than he has been recently, but the bats have to show up. Especially so on a milestone night, great pitching won’t mean anything if the losses continue.

Much Needed Support

Strop isn’t to blame for this loss. But unfortunately, with every mistake pitch he throws, the questions about Craig Kimbrel will only become more frequent.

“If we’re not winning right now, then it’s just one little small piece,” Hamels said. “I think we all want to be a large piece and have him just fit right in and make it easier on him. I don’t think we want to all of a sudden turn to him, hoping that he’ll save us at the end of the day.” (NBC Sports)

The Cubs signed Kimbrel to a three-year $43 million deal, hoping to strengthen a faltering bullpen.

A saviour isn’t what the Cubs need. Offensive support for their pitching is what is needed. Hamels did his part for the party. Where’s the help when he needs it most?


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