Chris Sale Throws His Second Immaculate Inning of the Season for Boston Red Sox

Chris Sale
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Chris Sale Throws His Second Immaculate Inning of the Season

An Immaculate Dream

Walk-off homers are something every batter thinks about, but hardly ever does. Each one would love to make a fool of the pitcher with a walk-off, throwing his helmet in the air as he rounds third base and gets mobbed by his teammates at home. We see it all the time and go crazy every time we see it.

On the flip side, pitchers are trying to make fools of batters, making them shake their heads in disgust as they take the Walk of Shame back to the dugout after an ugly strikeout. Every pitcher dreams of three straight strikeouts on nine straight pitches, but immaculate innings are hard to come by. Imagine throwing one in the big leagues. Twice. In one season. That hasn’t even reached the All-Star Break! So rare, yet so little attention.

Chris Sale of the Boston Red Sox did just that in the eighth inning of an 8-0 win against the Kansas City Royals Wednesday night. He finished with 12 strikeouts and completed the shutout in the win at Kauffman Stadium.

History for Chris Sale

Unfortunately for the rest of the league, he seems to have become accustomed to throwing immaculately. He did it on May 8th against the Baltimore Orioles earlier this season. That makes him the second pitcher in history to do it in the same season. The first to do it was Hall of Famer Lefty Grove for the Philadelphia Athletics against the Cleveland Indians and Chicago White Sox in the 1928 season.

Expect more of this from Sale. It’s safe to say that he has heard the critics and is going on a tear. He himself has said, “I just flat out stink,” and, “This is the most frustrated I’ve been on a baseball field.” So much for being frustrated. One thing is for sure: no ball he offers up from here on out will be for is going to stink and be on “sale.”

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