Dustin Pedroia on Track for a Comeback Year

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When it’s all said and done, Dustin Pedroia will go down as a Boston Red Sox legend. The second baseman has done it all over his 19-year career with the Red Sox, and No. 15 will likely be immortalized in Fenway Park’s right field with the likes of the other greats of the infamous ball club, such as Ted Williams and Carl Yastrzemski. Pedroia has had a fantastic career, and no one can take that away from him. However, the last few years have held him back from being able to thrive as he’s become an ageing veteran of the game.

Dustin Pedroia on Track for a Comeback Year

As the 2019 season edges closer and closer, the Red Sox will look to defend their title of World Champions and having Pedroia back at second base would go a long way in doing so. The last couple of seasons, a stretch which was so good to the Sox, couldn’t have been more harsh on one of their most beloved players as Pedroia consistently battled injuries. The 2008 AL MVP only managed to participate in three games with 11 at-bats in 2018. In July, he endured arthroscopic knee surgery, ending his season in the process.

Pedroia is now in rehabilitation, preparing for the upcoming season. As he ups his efforts to be ready for spring training it gives the Red Sox good hope of having their longest tenured player back. With the Sox not making any major roster changes from such a successful squad, Pedroia could be the light that guides this team on to defend their title and gives them a boost in 2019.

Red Sox Second Base Situation

If the three-time World Series champion can be ready for the start of the year, it would provide a significant boost for Boston, specifically defensively. His leadership and defensive quality would enhance the second base position on a day-to-day basis. The Red Sox coped with Pedroia’s absence in 2019 with a platoon of Eduardo Nunez and Brock Holt. Both players had good years, but it was evident that a healthy Pedroia would have added a lot to this team.

Bringing Pedroia back will need to be a slower process than usual. Easing him back into the fold will prove vital in the long-term, especially regarding any potential for injury in the future. What would be likely to begin 2019 is a platoon of Pedroia and Holt at second base with Nunez playing more exclusively at third base. Nunez would be able to back up and sometimes platoon with up and coming youngster Rafael Devers there.

Whether or not we will see the Dustin Pedroia of years gone by will be seen, but Red Sox fans will take the veteran back any way they can. He will not only provide ability on the field, but also guidance to the younger players.

Pedroia certainly will not impac this team in a bad way when he returns. He will be one of many players who are absolutely vital to this team, which currently is the best in baseball.

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