Creating the Perfect Boston Red Sox Player

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Obviously creating the perfect Boston Red Sox team is basically impossible, but this team has had so many greats that it’ll be pretty darn close. Here are the players and their qualities that help make up a close to perfect Boston Red Sox player.

Speed/Defense: Mookie Betts

The heart of this team, Mookie Betts is able to do it all. He’s a true five-tool player and amongst the very best this game has to offer. He’s arguably the best right fielder in the game, which is impressive considering he was originally drafted as a second baseman. Although he has power and intelligence, his speed is what stands out the most. He’s able to chase down fly balls with ease and swipes bags before you know it.

Mookie has stolen the same or more stolen bases with each season that he’s played (7,21,26,26 each of the last 4 seasons). In 2018, Mookie already has 13 stolen bases, well on his way to passing his career high. He stretches a single into an extra-base hit and rarely gets thrown out on the bases (83.8% in stolen base attempts). A man who is capable of doing it all on the field is someone you want on your team, but his speed is definitely his strongest tool.

Power: J.D. Martinez

Spoiler alert, JD has been better than advertised. He’s currently second in the league in home runs with 22. Martinez hit a home run once every 11.6 at bats and has helped carry the load with Mookie being sidelined. Martinez is a big-time power hitter, with 38+ home runs over two of the past three seasons. His power is a big skill that’s necessary for creating the perfect Red Sox.

Arm: Jackie Bradley Jr.

Although his bat hasn’t come along as expected, JBJ more or less gets consistent playing time because of his defense. His range is incredible, but he has one tool that few others possess: his arm. The power behind his arm is incredible, with the ability to throw out runners in the most unlikely situations.

Versatility: Brock Holt

Brock Holt isn’t a flashy player, but he’s useful on any of the 30 MLB teams. He’s hitting over .300 as a spot starter and pinch hitter while fielding at five different positions. He’ll never be a huge difference maker, but his value shows based on his willingness to be versatile on the diamond.

Intelligence/Leadership: Dustin Pedroia

A staple in the Red Sox organization, Pedroia hasn’t had much influence on the field for the team in 2018. He’s had just 11 at-bats through three games due to left knee inflammation. Pedroia has been one of the glue guys for this team since 2007 as a rookie and always voices his opinion. A true veteran presence, the Red Sox will be happy to have Dustin back on the roster and in the lineup. A perfect Red Sox couldn’t be created without these important intangibles.

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