Nolan Gorman 2018 Draft Profile

The first round of the MLB draft will be held on June 4th. For the teams that have an early pick on day one, it is essential for them to get a player who can help them. While drafting a player is not an exact science, teams do their best to ensure they are getting a talented player who can move quickly up the system and help them reach the ultimate goal. College players tend to be more refined and closer to being major league ready. High school players can be taught by the organization’s own coaches but require longer time in the minors. Depending on a team’s needs and evaluation of talent, the draft picks tend to vary in age and maturity level.

Nolan Gorman 2018 Draft Profile

Nolan Gorman is a 6’1” 205 lb third baseman from Sandra Day O’Connor High School in Phoenix, AZ. Many scouts have seen him and marvel at his power. 6’1” and 205 may not sound like much but people agree he is very strong. Gorman has played some shortstop and second base in his high school career. He is also a Rawlings-Perfect Game First Team All-American this year. Many scouts feel he could crack the top 10 in the upcoming amateur draft on June 4th. Some feel he is more of a one-dimensional type of player, especially as he ages. Let’s take a look at Gorman’s skills.


One of his strengths is his strength. He has arguably the most power in the draft. It is also an easy power that should play in games. His footwork in the field is excellent and his throwing arm is above average. Let’s get back to the power though because that is Gorman’s calling card. He hits home runs all over the field without making particularly great contact. He has a short and quick stroke to the ball. With that, he can turn on a major league fastball now at 18 years old.


Although he is fine at third base right now, many see him as too stiff in the field. He has a chance to stick at third base for a while but in time he will probably play out as a first baseman. His swing has holes which are to be expected from a high school player. Although his bat is quick and to the ball, he can swing with a stiff upper body which doesn’t allow him to adjust to off-speed pitches. He will strikeout and that will most likely not change going forward. Batting average and on-base percentage are worries in the future.


Gorman is a player with incredible power and has been compared favorably to Kyle Seager. He has also been compared to Joey Gallo which would mean many strikeouts to go along with the light tower power. He may stick in the infield in the long run. It’s hard to gauge a high school players ability in the field and the fact that Gorman has played shortstop and second base aside from third gives him options. His footwork and arm play but his range may be a question. Overall, he may wind up in the top 10 strictly for his power and ability to grow. The likely choice is at #8 to the Atlanta Braves.

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