Which Early Hot MLB Teams Can Sustain All Season?

Early Hot MLB Teams

There is a long way to go until we can make realistic assumptions about who the contenders are in MLB this season, but already we are seeing signs of some teams making a big splash. Some, like the Houston Astros, are doing more or less what is expected of them. Others, like the Boston Red Sox and New York Mets, have started very well, putting up historical numbers in the ‘W’ column.

Which Early Hot MLB Teams Can Sustain All Season?

But which teams can sustain this for another 150 games or so? Below is a quick look at some of the hottest teams starting the season, with some analysis and odds for them to continue on into the Postseason. Of course, the picture can (and will) change each day, so keep an eye on the market movers by checking out the latest betting with Canadian sportsbooks.

New York Mets: 9-1

World Series Odds: 25/1 (William Hill)

NL East Odds: 2/1

What a start for new manager Mickey Callaway – who would have expected the Mets to quickly establish a 3.5 game lead over the much-fancied Nationals. The pitching and offense have both looked good, but they may just not have the depth to go all season.

Prediction: The Nationals will catch up with them eventually, but don’t rule out the Mets grabbing one of the NL Wildcard spots.

Boston Red Sox: 9-1

WS Odds: 11/1

AL East Odds: 5/4

The best-ever start in the Red Sox history had a bit of cold water thrown over it by people pointing out that it was only the Rays and Marlins in their opening games. The Red Sox responded by thrashing hated-rivals (and one of the World Series betting favorites) the Yankees 14-1 in their first meeting of the season. David Price and Chris Sale look locked in and the offense looks vibrant.

Prediction: Either with the Wild Card or by winning the AL East they will be in the Postseason. If they keep this form up, they will improve upon the ALDS disappointments of the last two seasons.

Pittsburgh Pirates: 8-2

WS Odds: 66/1

NL Central Odds: 14/1

Definitely the team so far on this list that had the lowest expectation from fans, it’s been all about the offense (currently, the second-best in MLB) for the Pirates. Starling Marte and Gregory Polanco have started well, as too has Josh Harrison. There is a good feeling around the club again.

Prediction: The most difficult to predict, but the pitching may not be strong enough get them through.


Los Angeles Angels: 9-3

WS Odds: 22/1

AL West Odds: 5/1

When was the last time the focus on an MLB team was so sustained on one player? The Angels are more than just Shohei Ohtani, but they probably need to give the phenom rookie a little bit of help. Ohtani is one of the few pitchers to give them a quality start, but does it matter when the offense is so good?

Prediction: Pitching worries may catch up with them eventually. If not, the Astros certainly will.

Houston Astros: 9-3

WS Odds: 5/1

AL West Odds: 1/4

There is not a huge amount to say here, except that they have basically picked up from where they left off last season. And, that’s good enough to be considered favorites for the World Series.

Prediction: They will be in the Postseason as AL West champions. The all-around strength of the roster gives them a seriously good chance of being the first to retain the World Series since the 2000 Yankees.

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