Shane Baz 2017 MLB Draft Profile

Texas breeds hard-throwing fireballers. From Nolan Ryan to Noah Syndergaard, the comment of a Texan pitcher brings to mind fastballs and strikeouts. However, to find a player in a Texas High School with five viable pitches is next to unheard of. But that’s what someone will bet on with Shane Baz in this year’s draft.

Shane Baz 2017 MLB Draft Profile


At 6’3″ and 190 pounds, Baz is a shorter, spitting image of Syndergaard with long blonde locks cascading out from his ballcap. The 17-year, 11-month-old righty from Concoria Lutheran High School in Cypress, Texas has committed to Texas Christian with a 3.5 GPA and a 24 ACT. He won First Team 2017 Rawlings-Perfect Game All American Team and was All-Region 1st Team. He was also selected for the Perfect Game All-American Classic.


Stuff. It’s a baseball word that to the uninitiated sounds like a throw-away word. But to baseball people, stuff is the heart and soul of a pitcher. Baz brings good stuff. Much like Ryan, his game starts with his fastball. Topping out currently at 95, he has a high ceiling, and could reach the 99 area regularly. Pitching from a 3/4 delivery, it is a hard nasty pitch to catch up to. He can paint the corners and force it to lift.

In addition to that fastball, both his cutter and his slideball are rated as plus pitches, he has an above-average curve, and a noplus changeup that he is developing currently. His slideball, when it’s on, spins in hard at 89 MPH.


Like most fireballers, Baz has some control issues, as he tends to grab the ball and throw it hard. On top of this issue, like lots of prep players, he is ready to play college baseball. Unless his name is called early on Day One, look to see teams pass on this gifted pitcher because of his commitment to school

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