Quentin Holmes 2017 MLB Draft Profile

Quentin Holmes 2017 MLB Draft Profile

Quentin Holmes, a high school senior from Monsignor McClancy Memorial High School in New York, has scouts in awe of his potential. He’s approaching 18 years of age and has already committed to Mississippi State University for college ball. However, it’s important to remember that players have committed and forgone their collegiate careers before.

Holmes, from East Elmhurst, NY, could be the first prospect drafted straight out of high school, from New York City, in over 20 years. The last player selected that young from the Big Apple was Jason Marquis, who went 35th in the 1996 draft. Holmes is rated about that high by most projections, since his raw physical talent has captured the imagination of scouts.


The youngster’s best trait is his blazing speed, which he utilizes well both offensively and in the field. He ran a 6.15 in the sixty-yard dash, according to Perfect Game, which places him in the upper-echelon of prospects, to say the least.

Holmes is comfortable and has solid instincts in the field. He also has great range, as a result of both his speed and ability to read the ball off the bat. At the dish, he has a simple right handed swing and has flashed some power. Scouts believe that, as he gets older and stronger, the power will only increase, as will his arm strength.


Holmes, a phenomenal athlete, is not a polished prospect. He can certainly stand to take more reps at the collegiate, or minor league, level in order to see how far his talent can take him. His ability to hit for power comes in spurts and his throwing arm is workable, though not the best.

Scouts say that one part of his game which he can improve is how quickly he gets out of the batter’s box. His top tier speed, when combined with a quick burst out of the box, could result in even more infield hits or assist him in stretching a hit for an extra base.

Holmes’ speed, ability to field his position exceptionally well, and upside at the plate make his potential fascinating.

MLB Comparison

Quentin Holmes has skills comparable to those of Billy Hamilton or Brett Gardner. Baseball America has him projected to go 30th in the draft to the defending champion Chicago Cubs.

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