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Trade Deadline Changes MLB Landscape

Baseball is a mysterious game sometimes. You come into season with expectations. Some of them will come to be, while others fall away. This season has been no different. Many thought the Chicago Cubs would be the best team in baseball, but as they found out, even the most talented teams still have to play the games first. The Cubs are a good team, but with injuries and slumps, they haven’t looked like the team of destiny since the start of summer.

Trade Deadline Changes MLB Landscape

Meanwhile, the 2015 National League Champions, the New York Mets, have experienced a rocky season filled with great win streaks and shattering losses. They’ve already lost Matt Harvey and David Wright for the season.

The 2015 Champions, the Kansas City Royals, looked good for a while as well, but injuries to their key offensive players, like Mike Moustakas (out for season), Alex Gordon, Salvador Perez, and Lorenzo Cain, combined with a lackluster starting rotation, has stifled the team, especially on the road (19-37).

The New York Yankees came in thinking they were improved and poised for a postseason berth, but age, injuries, and poor performance have devastated the team. This is the worst Yankees team in terms of record since before their 1996 championship.

Finally, the Miami Marlins have exceeded many people’s expectations. Jose Fernandez is back and looks healthy, the offense is more complete than it has been in years. With the rights moves, the Marlins could be legit contenders.


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