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Gary Sanchez and the Promise of Hope

The New York Yankees were sellers at the trade deadline for the first time in over 25 years. That is very telling. For a franchise that has long sort to solve problems by throwing money at it, this was a huge shift in philosophy.

So now the Yankees have one of the top farm systems in baseball, which is great! However, what does that really mean?

Gary Sanchez and the Promise of Hope

With seven of the top 100 ranked prospects in baseball in various levels of the minor leagues, the Yankees have several quality players to eventually help the big league club. More importantly, all of that talent leads to something much more vital for the fan base; hope.

This should not be taken as a “woe is me” feel bad for the Yankees article, because no one should ever feel bad for the Yankees. With so much financial clout, history shows that the Yankees never stay down for long.

However, this is something different.


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